Design for Cebu’s BRT system finished by early 2015

Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) will finish the design for the 23-kilometer bus rapid transit (BRT) system of Cebu City early 2015.

Bidding for the said project will begin second quarter of 2015.

Cebu’s BRT system worth P10.6 billion will be funded by the World Bank through its Clean Technology Fund.

DOTC Secretary Joseph Emilio Abaya said this transportation system, first in the country, will improve commuter experience – saving passengers time usually wasted on traffic jams. The system will consist 33 stations and 176 environment-friendly buses.


“The goal is not simply to modernize transport facilities and improve commuter experience, it is also to provide the public with a better quality of life,” Abaya said.

According to Abaya, “DOTC is now studying other possible BRT locations in Metro Manila, in a bid to provide commuters with a modern, safe, convenient, and efficient mass transit bus system which current transport schemes are unable to offer.”

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