Davao using drones to counter terrorism

Davao anti-terror task force announced it is using drones provided by Philippine Army for surveillance to counter any terror threat. This is after President Aquino personally called Mayor Duterte to warn Davao for a possible attack.

“First of all, the US is not in any way involved in our drone operations,” Colonel Alberto Macairog, Davao Task Force Commander told the press, Friday. “In fact, the equipment did not come from the US.”

He emphasized that the equipment is not US-made and came from other sources. Militant groups in Mindanao are afraid this terror threat was created to make way for US intervention in this part of Mindanao.

“We will not use this against the people in Davao City, not even against those who have different ideologies or religious beliefs and those who want to overthrow the government,” Colonel Alberto Macairog said.

Number of drones was not disclosed by Macairog. Each drone costs around PhP80,000.

The aerial drone can also be used to get information related to disasters.

“It will greatly increase our quick response capability, as long as we don’t violate any law,” Emmanuel Jaldon, head of the Davao Central 911. “In times of disasters, drones can be used for rapid assessment and in knowing the extent of the damage; it will allow us to know the topography of the area and will greatly boost security.”

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