Philippines poised for military modernization, modern fighter jets and hardwares

During the 67th anniversary event of Philippine Air Force President Aquino vowed for the modernization of the armed forces. Aquino said it is not impossible for the AFP to be again hailed as modern armed forces.

According to him the air force now has: 3 C-130, 18 basic trainer aircraft, 8 Sokol combat utility helicopters, 20 upgraded MD-520 MG helicopters, 4 UH-1 helicopters (17 more to be delivered this year).


Aquino said the procurement of more hardware are on going including 8 combat utility helicopters, 2 long-range patrol aircraft, 6 close-air support aircraft, and radar system.

“Sa susunod na taon naman, inaasahan nating mapasakamay na ang dalawa sa 12 FA-50 lead-in fighter trainer mula sa South Korea. Target pong makumpleto ang delivery ng mga ito pagdating ng 2017,” he said.

Aquino said that decades of corruption is the main reason why the Armed Forces of the Philippines including the Air Force was dubbed as one of the weakest armed forces, however, the PAF should not worry because the government is now doing its job.

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