India reacts to China’s new map

“The fact that Arunachal Pradesh in integral and inalienable part of India has been conveyed to Chinese authority at several occasions including at the very highest level,” Indian foreign ministry spokesman said last Saturday.

China in its new map claims Ladakh and all of Arunachal Pradesh, one of the 29 states of India. Also, it is claiming virtually the entire South China Sea including the West Philippine Sea.

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Sino-Indian relationship is in a bitter-sweet situation as its economic tie is said to be at its peek while territorial dispute remains to be unresolved.

“Even I have heard that China has made a map where they are calling Ladakh a part of China. So, it was sad to hear this, as we consider ourselves Indians and Ladakh has always been an integral part of India. China should not do this. We are a part of India and we don’t want to be under the Chinese rule. All I can say is that whatever China is doing is not good,” an Indian national said.

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