Spain recognized Philippines as rising economic tiger of Asia

Spanish Embassy Charge d’ Affaires Ignacio Perez Cambra said the Philippines is no longer the “sick man of Asia” as it turns to be the tiger of Asia.

“The future looks rosy and promising for the Philippines,” Cambra said at the celebration of 12th Philippine-Spanish Friendship Day and 115th anniversary of the Siege of Baler.

Rising Tiger of Asia

“Nobody should be surprised to see, in a few years’ time, flocks of tourists enjoying the beautiful landscape and the beach resorts here to the extent that someday, we might have trouble in booking rooms in Baler to celebrate the Philippine-Spanish Friendship Day,” the Spanish diplomat said.

Spain and Philippines have exchanged high level visits that according to Cambra made very positive results in terms of economic cooperation.

“Few places in the Philippines can epitomize this friendship more than Baler, where Filipinos and Spaniards exchanged animosities in open war where the heroes of Baler and the generous Filipino visitors closed a chapter of the book of our common history, to open the book of the Republic of the Philippines,” he added.

A country’s economy which is undergoing a rapid growth is described as tiger economy.

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