Binay: high-tech tampering in 2016 election may occur

“Disturbing reports have reached us about the possible high-tech tampering to favor certain candidates, especially for high offices in 2016,” Vice President Jejomar Binay said in a joint convention of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) Western and Eastern Visayas in Iloilo.

“If this is true, such an act will be an assault on the people’s sovereign power to confer their mandate on the leaders of their choosing.”

vp binay

Binay did not specify what group or movement is plotting the said ‘high-tech tampering’ in the 2016 national elections to secure positions for high offices.

Binay is running for presidency in the next election.

“As early as now, the seeds of advocacy for fair and honest elections in 2016 must be sown and nurtured in order to defend our people’s sovereign will. I hope the IBP will pick up the gauntlet and be among the vigilant guardians of a clean electoral process less than two years hence,” he said.

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