Cheap USB charger killed a Filipina in Australia

A 28-year-old female was found dead with burns on her chest and ears in Gosford, northern part of Sydney. The woman is from Philippines and was recently granted with Australian citizenship.

She was found to be wearing headphones connected to her laptop while charging into a socket with a phone also charging using cheap USB type charger.


Seized chargers.

“The phone was also plugged into a USB-style charger. That charger had failed. Somehow power from that charger has connected to her body. Whether she had it (the phone) to her ear or was holding it in her hand, we don’t know,” Lynelle Collins from the New South Wales Department of Fair Trading said to AFP.

“We are trying to alert people to the concern that sometimes when you buy really cheap chargers, they aren’t compliant with – [safety] standards,” Collins said.

Fair Trading Commissioner of Australia said all non-compliant USB chargers were seized from the store and the owner will be facing charges.

Police investigation is still on going, however, Department of Fair Trading suggests that the non-compliant USB charger is the main reason for the electrocution.

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