Bongbong: I am a sure candidate for 2016

Senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr. also known as Bongbong, son of the late President Marcos said one sure thing is he will be running on 2016.

“Of course, when 2016 comes, I will be a candidate. The obvious thing for me to do is to run for reelection. Nababanggit ang higher office but as I said, hindi pa naman panahon para pag-usapan ‘yan because as I said, masyado pang maraming kailangan gawin,” Bongbong said as reported by ABS-CBN News.


He said it is not yet the time to talk about 2016 plans which is a ‘personal thing’. “There is so much work to be done.”

Bongbong said, “There is no time or there is no space in our working lives to be, at least in mine, to be discussing that or to be planning that or to be campaigning.”

According to source, Nacionalista party’s presidential and vice-presidential candidates will be coming from Bongbong Marcos, Allan Cayetano, and Trillanes. The party will be deciding coming December this year.

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