Philippines eyes to be a leader in shipbuilding

“In 2013, the Philippines was ranked as the fifth world’s largest shipbuilding country after China, Japan, Korea and Brazil, as more local shipyards are building more ships of larger tonnage capabilities like bulk carriers, container ships and passenger ferries, particularly Tsuneishi Heavy Industries, Inc. (THICI), Hanjin Heavy Industries Corporation Philippines and Keppel Philippines Marine, Inc., which cater to the export market,” said Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) deputy administrator for operations Atty. Gloria Victoria-Bañas in an exhibit at SMX Convention Center.


“While shipbuilding still exists in Europe, they are now focusing more on specialized ships. European yards had conceded that they could not compete with the low labor, materials and land costs of Asian countries,” MARINA deputy administrator said. “As a result, the shipbuilding industry of developing countries such as the Philippines benefitted with such development.”

“I am confident that the needed speed and momentum can be created to further propel the shipbuilding and ship repair industry way beyond global competitiveness,” Banas said.

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According to her, the government is preparing the country to be a leader for ship building and ship repair.

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