Decision for PH’s brand new frigates to be announced this July

Currently, the Department of National Defense is on the final stage of choosing a supplier for Philippine Navy’s two brand new frigate. According to source, DND is set to make a decision this coming July to fast track the acquisition process of the country’s frigates.

With the recent development in South Korea-PH alliance, Philippine Navy may be seeing two brand new Incheon-class frigates. South Korea (Republic of Korea) recently announced the transfer of one Pohang-class corvette to Philippine Navy before the year ends accompanied by one landing craft utility vessel and 16 rubber boats.

The Prairial is a French frigate also one of the choices for PN's frigate.

Prairial-class frigate of France, one of the choices for PN’s frigate.

DND has an allocated budget of PhP18 billion for the said acquisition project, this budget fits the price tag of two Incheon-class frigates costing around USD210 million each.

Incheon-class frigates (Future Frigate eXperimental) was designed based on Republic of Korea’s experience from previous programs and the sinking of on Pohang-class sunk by a North Korean torpedo in March 2010.

These frigates will carry Mark 45 MOD 4 127mm L54 Mark 19 gun for longer-range and amphibious support; RIM-116 Rolling Airframe Missile (RAM), a homing surface-to-air missile, for intercepting missiles, and killing aircraft and fast boats; and a landing dock for helicopter.

Philippine Navy’s two brand new frigates will be the base ship of two anti-submarine helis which are currently in early stage of bidding.

Republic of Korea is set to commission first two Incheon-class frigates this year. ROK aims to replace all Ulsan-class frigates and Pohang-class corvettes with FFX frigates coming 2020.

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