27,000 out of 63,000 M4 rifles arriving next month

LCol Noel Detoyato, Philippine Army spokesman said 27,000 new M-4 automatic rifles will be arriving next month. The delivery is part of 63,000 units with contract price of around PhP2.4 billion or roughly PhP38,000 each.

American arms manufacturer Remington Arms Company will be manufacturing the said riffles. M4 assault riffles or M4A1 is a shorter and lighter version of M16A2 assault rifle.

Empty, the riffle weighs 6.36 lb and 7.5 lb if loaded with 30 rounds. If extended it has a length of 33 inches and 29.75 inches if retracted. It can fire at 700–950 round/min, and has an effective firing range up to 500 meters.

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M4 Automatic Riffle

M4A1s have been used in different wars by number of armed forces. It was used in the Afghan and Iraqi war by US, and by Malaysian Royal Security Forces during the Lahad Datu Standoff against the Sultanate of Sulu.

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