Philippines sending own satellite to space by 2016

Department of Science and Technology said the government is planning to launch a Philippine-made satellite into space coming 2016 as reported by

“We’re hoping Congress will pass a law creating a space agency,” said Rowena Cristina Guevara, executive director of Philippine Council for Industry, Energy and Emerging Technology Research and Development (PCIEERD) of DOST.

“We can use the mini-satellite for our Light Ranging and Detection (LiDAR) mapping,” Guevara said.


“We were recognized because we are the only non-first world country that is doing LiDAR mapping on our own. Other countries outsource this because they don’t have the capability,” Guevara said in a forum.

According to her, Filipino scientists are now studying how to create satellites and sensors for the country to have its own “eye in the sky”.

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