Jinggoy: don’t arrest me at home

“I have already spoken with a ranking policeman, a general in Camp Crame,” Senator Jinggoy Estrada.

“Ang sabi ko, ‘you don’t need to arrest me, you don’t need to go to my house kasi baka ma-trauma iyung mga anak ko eh, especially iyung maliit na anak ko. Just tell me where to go and I am willing to go there,” he said in a report by ABS-CBN News.

“Siguro, doon sa loob na lang ako mag-eensayo to stay physically fit,” said Estrada also dubbed as ‘Sexy’. “Mananatili akong sexy lagi.”


Jinggoy is one of the three senators who face plunder charges under Sandiganbayan for the PDAF scam. According to him , their cases were railroaded to rush the filing in Sandiganbayan. He also said that this may have to do with the 2016 elections and the upcoming SONA of President Aquino.

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