Possible court interpreter for 9 Chinese poachers pressured by China

Trial for nine out of eleven Chinese poachers who were caught with possession of dead and live sea turtles had been delayed due to lack of interpreter. Two Chinese poachers were released since they are minors.

The delay was pointed by the prosecution to Chinese Embassy who pressures Chinese businessmen not to participate in the trial.

According to a member of prosecution, usually a Chinese businessman volunteers to interpret in court but this time don’t want to cooperate.  “These people are conducting business in China and they do not want to get involved in the case.”

Chinese poachers

The court in Palawan had also exerted efforts to seek cooperation from the Chinese community but did not get any.

These Chinese poachers are represented by Philippines Public Attorney’s Office because China is not recognizing the arrest and proceedings, and don’t want to provide any legal assistance.

China is demanding for the immediate release of these poachers without any negotiations.

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