Anti-political dynasty law may see the light of day

Though the congress have ajourned, House Speaker Feliciano Belmonte Jr wants the anti-political dynasty law to be passed. Congress sessions will resume on July 28 when President Aquino delivers his state of the nation speech.

“I want to see the bill pass in this Congress although there is no counterpart bill yet in the Senate,” Belmonte said.

The said bill already passed the committee level. “It was already approved in the committee level last year. It has reached sponsorship but it ended there even if it is lined up on the agenda everyday. It has been turtle-paced,” said Representative Antonio Tinio, author of the bill.

“We appeal to the public that the key is the strong public clamour for this measure, which has been in the Constitution but is being taken for granted,” the author said.


According to a congress committe report, a political dynasty exists when two or more individuals who are related within the second degree of consanguinity or affinity hold or run for national or local office in successive, simultaneous or overlapping terms.

According to Inquirer’s report, Belmonte wants to loosen the cap to not more than two just as to pass the law.

This law may be fast tracked if President Aquino on his SONA make this as a priority.

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