Supreme Court justice says China’s claim is based on historical lies

“Clearly there is nothing ‘historical’ or ‘right’ about China’s nine-dashed line claim. The nine-dashed line claim is based not on historical facts but on historical lies,” Philippine Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonio T. Carpio said in 63-page presentation.

“There is not a single Chinese map, whether made by Chinese or foreigners, showing that the Spratlys and Scarborough Shoal were ever part of Chinese territory,” Justice Carpio said.

“It is clear, patent obvious from all these ancient Chinese maps, whether made by Chinese authorities and individuals or by foreigners, that the southernmost territory of China has always been Hainan Island. Throughout the Chinese dynasties, China’s territory never included the Spratlys and Scarborough Shoal,” Carpio said.

Justice Antonio Carpio

“The rocks of Scarborough Shoal were never bequeathed to the present generation of Chinese by their ancestors because their ancestors never owned those rocks in the first place,” Carpio said.

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