AFP not modernizing for China – report

Department of National Defense said navy and air force’s modernization is not being modernized to counter China’s aggression and movements in the West Philippine Sea.

DND Public Affairs head Arsenio R. Andolong said, as reported by Business World Online, “This has nothing to do with countering China. Our thrust is really modernizing our Air Force and Navy because that is where we are lacking.”

“The Philippines is an archipelago, not like Europe where the land mass is contiguous. Also, our forces could get stuck in the jungles if we focus on using heavy tanks,” Mr. Andolong said in Filipino.

P-3C Orion

Currently, DND-AFP is in the early process of acquiring 2 Long Range Patrol Aircraft, 6 Close Air Support Aircraft, 2 Anti-Submarine Helicopter, 8 Amphibious Assault Vehicle. Moreover, 2 brand new frigates are also in the acquisition process.

These, according to DND, are mission essential hardware in which the country is now lacking.

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