Malacanang hopes to end exchange of rhetoric with China

“It’s a good statement. It’s a welcome statement for us. But let’s see as to the official [China’s] foreign ministry statement. Hopefully, they will also share the same kind of change of tone as the Chinese ambassador. We certainly would hope so but it’s early to tell. Let’s just wait for the statements coming from the other side,” presidential spokesman Edwin Lacierda said with regards to the Independence day statement of Chinese Ambassador to PH Zhao Jianhua.

China’s top envoy to PH said at Manila Hotel early this week, “Compared with our thousand-year-old friendship and extensive cooperation, the difficulties we are facing on the South China Sea issue are temporary. It is our common responsibility to handle the South China Sea issue in a proper and peaceful manner.”


“We would certainly hope that the exchange between China and the Philippines when it comes to rhetoric would be diminished… ensuring that we come up with a resolution to this unfortunate incident in the South China Sea,” Lacierda said.

“We have deliberately de-escalated our rhetoric when it comes to the South China Sea,” Malacanang spokesman said.

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