DFA: don’t wait for situation to worsen , get out of Libya

“The teams we sent there have assessed the situation as very volatile and the Philippines is not the only country that has made this assessment,” Department of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Charles Jose. “Many countries have closed their embassies and others have imposed a travel ban. Some have told their nationals to leave.”

Philippine Embassy in Tripoli remains to be operative to facilitate voluntary evacuation and coordinate Filipinos in Libya.

Foreign affairs is urging OFWs in Libya to avail the free repatriation offered by the government and do not wait for the situation to worsen.


Currently, DFA has raised crisis alert to level 3 which means no Filipino will be deployed to Libya and voluntary repatriation is suggested.

“The primary concern of our government is the safety. While they can still get out, let’s not wait for the situation to worsen,” Jose said.

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