PNoy: elect candidates who can fight for the welfare of every Filipino

“Two years from now, we will once again choose our country’s leaders. The challenge for us is to elect candidates who can fight for the welfare of every citizen in the face of any kind of adversity,” in his Independence day speech, President Aquino urging the Filipino people to choose effective leaders in the 2016 elections.

“We do not need those whose words are merely dictated by scripts, nor do we need talented dancers or fantastic singers. Instead, it is our duty to create a Philippines more just and prosperous than that which we have come to know,” he added.


“Each of us has something to contribute so that the sacrifices our forefathers made for us will not have been in vain,” Aquino said.

“Let us take to heart and live out the lesson they have bequeathed to us: that it is care and compassion for our fellowmen that will allow us to realize the aspirations we share as one people. Only in this way can we say that we are truly worthy of their sacrifice; only in this way can we bring about a truly just, truly free Philippines,” said in his closing statement.

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