Navy chief: with PNoy our dreams will not remain as dreams

“With the AFP’s (Armed Forces of the Philippines) relative success in Internal Security Operations, the strategic direction for our Navy today is to shift to its territorial defense role,” Navy Chief Vice Admiral Jesus Millan said during 116th anniversary celebration of Philippine Navy held at Headquarters Naval Forces West, Naval Station Carlito Cunanan, Barangay Macarascas, Puerto Princesa City on 27 May 2014.

“The menace of various threats to national security and territorial integrity is real and present,” the chief said. “But the Navy commits to remain steadfast to surmount the odds and meet the expectations of our people.”

“The Navy leadership knows that this cannot be accomplished overnight. But with the help of our President, we are confident that our dreams will not remain as dreams.”

“We need to build mission essential facilities like boat houses, hangars, training facilities, additional living quarters and other necessities so we can adapt to the tempo of their operations,” Millan said.

116th Philippine Navy Anniversary

President Aquino: I hope you do not change

“I have confidence in your decisions and I am confident that you will attain your objectives because our armed forces are strong. My appeal to you is this: I hope you do not change,” President Aquino said to Millan during the said event.

“Despite the limited capabilities of our uniformed men, I never heard you [Navy chief Millan] say, ‘Sir we can’t do it, we lack capability here’,” PNoy said.

“The upgrading of our [military] equipment here [at Naval Forces West] translates to strengthening efforts to secure our territory,” the president said.

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