AgustaWestland, Bell to join anti-submarine helicopters bidding

Reports say that, currently, two firms have bought Department of National Defense’s bidding documents for two anti-submarine helicopters worth PhP 5.4 billion. These firms will need to attend first stage bidding next month June 3.

AgustaWestland 159

AgustaWestland, a British-Italian helicopter design and manufacturing company, is rumored to be the stronger bidder for the anti-submarine helicopter acquisition project of DND-AFP. AgustaWestland is expected to offer their AW159 Wildcat also known as Lynx Wildcat or Future Lynx. Navy variants of AW159 will soon serve United Kindom’s Royal Navy, and South Korea’s Navy coming 2015 to 2016. Currently, only UK and SoKor are the only countries who ordered the said AgustaWestland anti-sub helicopters.

Bell helicopter on the otherhand, is an American firm with long list of both commercial and military helicopters.

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