4 PH Air Force high timers first to fly FA-50

Four Philippine Air Force pilots were chosen to have the previlege of flying the FA-50 in South Korea. Col. Miguel Okol from Air Defense Wing said that main factor in the selection process was jet time and years of service.

“We picked those with high jet time… and [longer] years in service,” Okol said. “Presumably, there will be four of them, [coming from the ranks of] major and captain, who are high timers in terms of jet time and qualification.”

These four pilots, unnamed for security reasons, will train in South Korea and will eventually become trainors upon the delivery of 12 FA-50s. Expected completion of delivery is on 2017.

Okol explained, “The operative term there is train the trainors, they will soon become the instructor pilots.”

2 thoughts on “4 PH Air Force high timers first to fly FA-50

  1. Jacques Phillip

    Don't you just hate it when readers here get SO BUTTHURT, they decide to block your ability to reply any further. Obviously the truth stings like a bitch. Oh well. This place has been, and will always be nothing more than Expat entertainment. Time to take the 500 the Brgy captain just gave me, and buy a Red Horse.

  2. William Moreno Jr.

    It does not matter what air plane you buy or build if the pilot training and the maintenance money and training is not the best then it will not be effective. As an example, the IMPERIAL JAPANESE NAVY gave their pilots 200 hours of training during WORLD WAR 2. The U.S. NAVY gave their pilots 400 hours of flight training. Also, the U.S. NAVY sent their best combat pilots to the training bases to teach the new pilots the proven combat flying techniques. As a result the U.S. NAVY shot down most of IMPERIAL JAPANESE NAVY Aircraft over the MARIANA ISLANDS. The PHILIPPINES needs to do the same; spend money on the best flight training and aircraft maintenance.

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