Philippines urged to send ships with water cannon capability in Mabini Reef

According to Congressman Roilo Golez who has fourteen years of experience as a Philippine Navy Officer, the Philippines should consider a firmer stand with China by dispatching non-military ships with water cannon capability in Mabini Reef. “We as a country wouldn’t look good if we do less than what Vietnam is doing in the face of the oil rig,” Golez said.

“We should ask the government, as I ask now, to follow the example of Vietnam of confronting the bully even if outnumbered. Let China handle two conflicts at the same time and become the big contrabida in the eyes of the world. I propose we dispatch a flotilla of PCG ships with water cannon capability. Am sure this will not escalate beyond water cannons,” he added.

Similar to what happen in Mischief reef, China is now expanding presence on Mabini reef.

According to Philippines and U.S. military sources, China has been shipping large quantities of soil to Mabini reef inside Philippine Exclusive Economic Zone, 190 nautical miles from Balabac, Palawan. Reports say, China is in a move to enlarge the land area to turn the reef into a military outpost with airstrip.

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