Anti-China rally scheduled in front of Chinese Embassy in Makati

“We would like to call for the support from the Philippine and other ASEAN countries because if China can deploy the oil rig in the sea of Vietnam, [China] can [also] deploy anywhere in the nine-dash line that [it has] claimed and that will not be good for everyone,” said Amber Lee, representing Vietnam in Vietnamese-Filipino Association.

“We would like all the nations to come together so that China cannot just do anything… [China has] weapons, guns, [and] a very strong economy but what it is doing now with [its] neighbors cannot be accepted,” Lee added.

Vietnamese-Filipino Association will hold a rally in front of Chinese Embassy in Makati today, Friday, May 16, around 12 noon.

“We would like to call on China to stop bullying Vietnam and Philippines and respect the law of the sea,” said Janicee Buco, a representative for Philippine in the Vietnamese-Filipino Association.

All interested individuals from any nation may join the anti-China rally today in front of Chinese Embassy. Approximately two hundred member of Vietnamese-Filipino Association will lead the said campaign.

Aside from drilling oil inside Vietnam’s Exclusive Economic Zone, it is reported that China is allegedly building an airstrip in Mabini Shoal inside Philippine EEZ.

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