CPP-NPA leader arrested while on summer tour – party weakens

A high ranking official of Communist Party of the Philippines – New People’s Army was arrested last Wednesday, May 7. Roy Erecre, secretary of CPP-NPA in Central Visayas was on a summer tour with his live-in partner, visiting different tourist destination in Davao, Eastern Mindanao when Philippine army Eastern Mindanao Command, with CIDG, AFP Intelligence ops, and Davao PNP arrested Erecre.

Erecre was arrested with multiple arrest warants for committing crime against civilians and government troops, heading military ambush leading to deaths of army officials. He has a bounty of PhP5.4 million on his head.

CPP NPA weakens

In a span of three months, significant number of high ranking comminist officials were arrested and killed including the arrest of Tiamzon couple and death of Recto Golimlim. CPP-NPA is believed to have weakened in the fast few years, it is estimated that communist armed men is down to measly 4000.

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