PNP videographers to capture CPP/NPA hostile actions on Labor Day

PNP Public Information Office Chief Superintendent Theodore Sindac said that police officers carrying video cameras will be spread out in the Metro to document Labor Day activities of “ranks of groups holding public assemblies,” as well as the PNP.

CPP Protesters

“This documentation aims to identify the trouble-makers and anarchists, and whatever incriminating scenes captured on tape may be used as evidence to support investigation and prosecution of cases in court,” said the PNP PIO chief.

“Based on historical data, the CPP/NPA is known to stage hostile actions during similar occasions, including infiltration and agitation in mass actions, sabotage of public assemblies, and armed attacks on isolated government posts and vital installations in the countryside,” he said.

Sindac advised different labor groups “to guard their own ranks against infiltrators and saboteurs who may take advantage of the situation.”

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