Obama to PH: allies will never stand alone – a warning to China

US President Barack Obama before going back to Washington left a warning to nations who resort to using force in solving disputes. Also, Obama reiterated United States of America’s commitment in defending Philippines in terms of military force, its oldest ally in Asia.

Obama in Manila

Obama said in front of US and Filipino troops in Fort Bonifacio, “We believe that nations and peoples have the right to live in security and peace, to have their sovereignty and territorial integrity respected. We believe that international law must be upheld, that freedom of navigation must be preserved and commerce must not be impeded. We believe that disputes must be resolved peacefully and not by intimidation or force.”

“No potential aggressor can be under the illusion that either of them stands alone. In other words our commitment to defend the Philippines is ironclad. The United States will keep that commitment because allies will never stand alone.” US President Obama said that in an event of external armed attack to the Philippines, United States will defend its ally.

This message from Obama stands as a warning to any nation who will try to use force in resolving territorial disputes against a US ally. Currently, Philippines is seeking for an arbitration from United Nations to solve its territorial dispute against China. However, China wants a bilateral settlement without seeking for arbitration from international body.

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