China’s ‘selfish acts’ leading to ‘irreparable consequences’

The Philippine government is validating China’s claim that its construction and reclamation activities in some reefs in West Philippine Sea will be finished in the coming days. “We have to validate that report,” Department of National Defense spokesperson Dr. Peter Paul Galvez said.

The Chinese foreign affairs ministry did not mention a reef when asked to specifically name a reef where reclamation and construction activities will soon be completed. “The progress of projects on different islands and reefs may vary. As for when the completion is due, it depends on the progress of construction and various conditions,” the Chinese ministry said.

The Defense department says China’s action may lead to irreparable consequences. “We reiterate that their activities if not stopped only draws the world closer to further uncertainties and untoward incidents with irreparable consequences,” Galvez said.

“We call on China to refrain from these selfish acts and consider the call of all nations for them to abide by the internationally accepted rules as stipulated in UNCLoS (United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea),” the Defense spokesman added.