Investing In This Trading Software Will Have You Covered!

Investing In This Trading Software Will Have You Covered!


Sometimes, you get inspiration from strange places!

I was cleaning my attic the other day and I came across a personal diary that had my dead father’s name on it. I realized on opening it that it was his own journal; One in which he wrote all his fleeting thoughts. I was so excited!

So, I realized that he wrote down inspiring quotes. There were some anecdotes from his life and also incidences that shaped him into the person that he was!

This was a treasure!

After dad passed away, mum was not keeping too well and we never used to refer to him if she was around because it used to upset her and made her slip into depression for days. Here was an opportunity to know dad better from what he had written. I was absolutely so excited and it took me some time to believe that I had hit upon it.

One of the journals was particularly inspiring:

“Saints and sages, writers and philosophers have often pointed a finger at you and said: ‘you can make a difference.’ But instead of motivating into action, we ask ourselves: “me? What can I do? I am just a small fly; a small cog in the wheel! But look at the grain of sand – it is so small yet it is such grains that make up the shore! Look at the drop of water – it is so tiny, yet it is such tiny drops of water that the ocean is made. Look at the tiny seed – it is from this that the mighty Oak grows!”

I was floored practically!

It was at that time that I was thinking of beginning to trade online. I always kept thinking that $250 for starting up on trading looked so small and insignificant. I had a great platform called QProfit System on my mind but the constant dilly dallying made my decision lax.

Finally, when I had finished reading this paragraph, I knew that I had to begin somewhere and it didn’t matter if the beginning was too humble. That was the day and today, there is a world of difference.

Today, I make enough money to run my household smoothly and also manage to make good enough savings! I am so proud of daddy and his journal that I have kept it with me ever since. I read it whenever I remember him and I have begun to believe that perhaps dad had a premonition that I would need the motivation of his words someday when my world would be full of doubts about my own capability.

I always look up towards heaven and thank god for QProfit and my guardian angel – my daddy!

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