Here Is How My Trading Journey Began With A Bang

Here Is How My Trading Journey Began With A Bang


I belong to the generation that wonders if anything online is just worth it!

I have seen my sons and grandsons going gaga over the black boxes and so excited when a new application is introduced and I used to wonder in my heart if it deserved all the adulation at all.

In fact, I used to advocate strongly the good old ways of doing it instead of logging on to an invisible web of information and making known to the entire world all the personal details.


I thought all the entities on the internet were only there to steal all vital information from their customers and one day too soon people would realize that they walked into it too soon and that it was only a trap!

I am a cynic, but that is a different story, smiles*

It was almost time for my retirement from active service and I was beginning to get jittery about the bulk of the time that I would have to myself. I have been a people’s man all through my life and I love company. But the thought of staying isolated with nothing concrete to do frighten me so much that I was already doing my research on how to keep myself busy once there!

Trading, yes!

A grandson who was watching Netflix came over for a stay and was asking me if I knew online trading existed. When I told him I was never interested in anything online leave aside trading, he took it upon himself to initiate me!

I was a bad student but he was persistent:

My prejudices were not enough to put him off and he taught me trading with a vengeance. We decided for learning purposes to start a forex trading account on one of the Crypto-robots because that was close to my heart and a big part of my career.

Trading was indeed worth the effort!

The mind is indeed like a parachute; it works only when it is open!

I was impressed with online trading and in less than a week I was trading and profiteering like a pro.

I was excited that I had found a new way of investing my hard earned money. But more than that I was excited that there was something that would keep me occupied post-retirement.

Have you checked out online trading yet? You must.

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