Effective Ways To Reduce Banking Fees

Effective Ways To Reduce Banking Fees

Whether you pick a bank that is relatively new in the game or a conventional one, and whether you choose to open a checking account or a savings account, there are charges involved in various types of transactions. Banking fees are unavoidable. But one way to tackle them is by doing a thorough research of the various banks and the changes implemented. A good bank would be able to offer you the best interest rates for your account and also reward you with benefits for all the transactions you make. These are the ways in which they help you make up for the fees you pay. Only when you cut down the additional expenses involved in banking would you be able to save money for other purposes like trading or investing.

Checking accounts without fees are real!

There are two possible criteria that could be set by banks offering checking accounts. Some banks offer you a minimum balance account. This means that even if you withdraw all the money in your account you would not be paying any extra fee. Another type of checking account is that which comes with a minimum balance criterion but without fees for transactions. Look for such checking accounts to cut down the extra charges.

Look for special accounts

There are some banks that offer better rates of interests or lower fees for ladies, students or senior citizens. Check for such special accounts to be able to enjoy better benefits.

Choose the right type of cards

Credit and debit cards offered for the same account could be of different types. Each card might come with a different spending limit, maximum withdrawal limits and other features. Based on these features the annual fees imposed on these cards might also be different. Weigh the benefits against the cards and pick one that suits your expense patterns and lifestyle.

Online accounts

Several banks have now introduced online-only accounts. These are absolutely convenient to use. They also have their set of extra benefits over the conventional accounts. Opening these online accounts would be simpler and quicker and the overall additional expenses involved in the transactions might also be relatively lower than the other accounts.

One other interesting way to cut down the fees is to purchase multiple products from the bank and negotiate for better deals. These are the cases when you would also find it easier to get a loan with the same bank.


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