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Air Force looking for more advanced fighter aircraft

Despite the “air-to-air” capabilities of its South Korean-made F/A-50 “Fighting Eagle” jet aircraft, the Philippine Air Force (PAF) still has its sights on acquiring a more advanced and capable jet fighter. This was announced by PAF chief Lt. Gen. Jeffrey Delgado in an interview Monday.

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“The aircraft that we’ll be getting, while it has the capability to intercept and engage in air-to-air (mission) is still a transition aircraft, and hopefully in the next few years we will come up with a more advanced aircraft,” he added.

“No schedule yet because we are taking it one step at a time considering the limitations in the our budget, the limitations in our resources, so we are taking these things one step at a time but for sure we are moving forward, we are soaring high with our development as we continue to pursue the course of the Air Force Transformation Roadmap and AFP Modernization Program,” he added.

Under its Flight Plan 2028, the PAF intends to acquire and commission 12 multirole fighters (MRF) by 2021 to augment the then existing fleet of South Koren-made F/A-50 jet fighters.

MRF is a combat aircraft which is capable of conducting strike, surveillance and air-to-air superiority missions.

An example of an MRF is the McDonnell Douglas F-18 “Hornet” strike fighter which is being operated by the US and its allies.

United States determined in supporting AFP modernization

The United States is determined in supporting the modernization of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and expressed unwavering support for the path the Philippine government chose in solving maritime disputes in West Philippine Sea. “We help support Philippine modernization through excess defense articles,” US Ambassador to the Philippines Philip Goldberg said at the sidelines of the turnover ceremony for ten brand-new Philippine Air Force (PAF) helicopters.

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Ambassador Goldberg said there are two C-130s in the pipeline for PAF. He added that US also supports the AFP modernization through foreign military funding, which last year, was at around USD50 million.

“It’s also important because what happens when the equipment is similar and we train together is that interoperability, so that in humanitarian disasters, in cases where rescue missions have to take place that we are working from the same sheet,” the American ambassador added.

He noted that US position is clear “that the way to settle disputes in South China Sea is through legal, peaceful and diplomatic means.”

Air Force to commission 10 brandnew choppers on Monday: 2 armed

Rotary-winged assets of the Philippine Air Force (PAF) will get another much-needed boost with the turnover and blessing of eight Bell-412EP and two attack versions of AgustaWestland AW-109Es on Monday. The ceremonies will be held at Villamor Air Base in Pasay City, PAF spokesperson Col. Enrico Canaya said.

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He added that Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin will be the guest-of-honor and speaker for the occasion, the Philippine News Agency reports.

The Department of National Defense signed in March 2014 a PhP 4.8-billion contract with the Canadian government for the delivery of eight Bell 412EP helicopters. Order for eight attack AW-109Es worth PhP 3.44 billion was signed in June 2013.

The attack helicopters are armed with Rocket Machine Gun Pod system on both sides, comprising of 12.7mm (.50 caliber) machine gun, a NATO Standard 2.75inch/70mm 3-tube rocket launcher and a 400-round machine gun ammunition box.

Earlier this week, the Navy formally commissioned its two armed AW-109Es.

DND: China building search-and-rescue facilities for vessels they will destroy?

“For whom are those search-and-rescue facilities for?” This was the reaction of Department of National Defense (DND) spokesperson Dr. Peter Paul Galvez when asked to comment on the Chinese plans to construct facilities on the artificial islands it constructed in the disputed portion of the South China Sea.

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“Is it for our ships and installations that they are threatening to destroy?” he added.

Chinese Ambassador Zhao Jianhua earlier said Beijing is set to construct facilities on its artificial islands to support freedom of navigation, search and rescue efforts in case of accidents, and scientific research.

“Regardless of what supposedly ‘good’ details the Chinese leadership informs the peace-focused and rules-based international community, they illegally and blatantly continue with their aggression as these are mere elements of their island building militarization which needs to be stopped and be dismantled,” Galvez stressed.

The DND spokesperson said that this proposal by China is what the Philippines has been warning the international community about.

He added that it become all too evident that the Chinese leadership had no intention of honoring its commitment to the ASEAN Declaration of Conduct in 2002 all along.

“They’ve said one thing and have done another. They are simply trying to cover their tracks. This is the worst stage of all, this is the militarization stage, and it must be stopped, otherwise, it will be the tipping point that will plunge the entire region including the peace loving Chinese communities into a deeper and irreversible crisis,” Galvez stressed.

Philippines, Russia to facilitate pending defense, military technical cooperation

During the ASEAN Foreign Ministers and related Meetings in in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia last week, Foreign Affairs Secretary Albert del Rosario held several bilateral meetings with his counterparts from ASEAN states and partner nations which included a meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

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“At the meeting, Secretary del Rosario and FM Lavrov agreed to facilitate the conclusion of several pending agreements between the Philippines and Russia, including the establishment of an intergovernmental commission on trade, defense and military technical cooperation, and combating transnational crimes,” the Department of Foreign Affairs said.

DFA said Secretary del Rosario likewise conveyed his appreciation to Russia for the conclusion of a new Air Services Agreement (ASA) in July that would pave the way for increased air traffic and tourist flows between Philippines and Russia.

The Russian Ministerproposed the publication of materials, among other things, to highlight the celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between the Philippines and Russia next year.

The meeting was also part of paving the way for the historic visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to the Philippines to take part in APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting (AELM) in November.

BRP Del Pilar escorts BRPs Batak, Ivatan: To arrive in Cavite on Friday

The two landing craft heavies (LCHs), which were donated by the Australian government to the Philippine Navy last January, will be arriving in Sangley Point, Cavite on Friday. This was disclosed by PN flag officer-in-command Vice Admiral Jesus C. Millan in a message to the PNA on Wednesday.

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Sangley Point, Cavite is the headquarters of the Philippine Fleet.

“For info, the two LCHs, escorted by BRP Gregorio Del Pilar (PF-15) [have sailed and passed] the waters of Zamboanga last night (Tuesday) and estimated to be in Cavite by Friday,” he said.

When asked whether the ships will be given a welcome ceremony this coming Monday, his retirement day, Millan said that this depends on weather conditions.

“Due to typhoon ‘Hanna,’ we are still waiting [for] the assessment and recommendation of the Philippine Fleet,” the PN chief said.

The LCHs left Cairns, Australia for their voyage to the Philippines last July 23.

The two ships were named BRP Ivatan (AT-298) and BRP Batak (AT-299). They will be joining the five other landing craft units in PN service.

Office, SUV vehicle assigned to Senator Marcos hit by bullets

A bullet hole has been found in the satellite office of Senator Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos Jr. at the Sunset View Towers along Roxas Blvd. in Pasay City. Security guard on duty Sofronio Romatan said he discovered the hole at the front glass wall at 3:25pm last Sunday after he returned to his post located in front of Marcos’ office at the ground floor of the condominium building.

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“I just went inside the building for a glass of water and when I came back I noticed that bullet hole,” Romatan said.

Guadencio Catapang of the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) of the Southern Police District found fragments of a bullet slug between the front glass panel and the second metal wall of the office.

“I hope it was just a stray bullet and not with intention to harm us,” Marcos said in media interview after talking to the investigators.

Marcos discounted the possibility that the bullet hole has something to do with the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL). As chairman of the Senate committee on local government, Marcos is set to submit his committee report on the BBL on Monday.

He also believe the incident has nothing to do with 2016 elections since he has not declared his intention to run for president.

The Scene of the Crimes Operatives of the Philippine National Police (PNP) is still determining the kind of firearm used in the incident.

Marcos said few months ago, a government-registered SUV vehicle assigned to his office was also hit by a bullet while it was parked in front of the Sunset View building.

The senator said the twin incidents could be the results of lapses on the part of the security personnel of the building.

US Pacific Fleet Commander wants to expand US-PHL war games into multilateral engagements

The Commander of United States Pacific Fleet, Admiral Scott H. Swift is “very interested” to expand US Navy-Armed Forces of the Philippines military exercises into multilateral engagements with other partner-nations. The US Navy Admiral visited the Philippines July 16-19.

“It is important that the approach be a multilateral approach, not a bilateral one,” he said. “These problems are common to many countries, not just one.”

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The US Embassy in Manila said Swift’s visit to Philippines included a media engagement, observation of a routine P-8 flight in West Philippine Sea, a wreath laying ceremony at the Manila American Cemetery and Memorial and a plaque exchange with AFP leadership.

Admiral Swift commended Philippine efforts to hold military readiness exercises with U.S. allies like Japan, which held search and rescue drills for the first time with the Philippine Navy last month.

The US Pacific Fleet is headquartered in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. It is regarded as the world’s largest naval headquarters, with about 200 ships and submarines, nearly 1,100 aircraft and more than 140,000 sailors and civilians.

SONA 2015: More air, navy assets coming

Great strides have been made in the acquisition of air assets and other equipment for the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP). This was stressed by President Benigno S. Aquino III during his last State-of-the-Nation Address (SONA) Monday.

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He made this statement after noting that the Philippine Air Force (PAF) now has three Lockheed C-130 “Hercules” cargo planes in its inventory compared to the one it possessed during the previous administration.

Aquino also said that two more C-130s are scheduled to arrive within the next two years to augment the existing fleet.

The Chief Executive also added that the first of three EADS CASA C-295 medium lift transport have been delivered and another two will be commissioned before the end of the year.

He added that the PAF will also acquire two C-212 aircraft which will be also delivered.

This is on top of the 13 AgustaWestland AW-109 delivered to the Navy and Air Force.

Ten of the AW-109 helicopters are armed and four (two for Navy) are undergoing technical inspection and assessment as of this posting along with six Bell 412 combat utility helicopters.

Aquino stressed that the military modernization will get more impetus once the first two South Korean F/A-50 fighter jets, out of a 12 plane order, are delivered by December this year.

Aside from this, the Philippine Navy is now waiting the arrival of two Australian-donated landing craft heavies which will join the existing landing craft fleet.

Besides this, Aquino said that the country will also acquire two modern frigates and close-air support aircraft to augment existing units.

Other items in the pipeline include modern rifles, and grenade launchers.

US may consider deploying Marines to BRP Sierra Madre if China prevents Philippines resupply

Senior Advisor and Senior Director of Asia-Pacific Security Program at the Center for a New American Security (CNAS) Dr. Patrick M. Cronin enumerated ten essential elements of a U.S. foreign policy to deal with the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea) during a hearing of United State House Committee on Foreign Affairs-Subcommittee on Asia and the Pacific regarding America’s Security Role in the South China Sea July 23, 2015.

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One of ten elements Cronin recommended American lawmakers is US “should enumerate a menu of potential cost-imposition policy options that transcend reputational and legal costs and make clear that bad behavior will incur a price.”

“If China tries to prevent the resupply of the grounded Philippine naval vessel BRP Sierra Madre at Ayungin Shoal, then the United States might not only offer to resupply it, but could also consider deploying a few Marines on rotation as part of the crew’s training detachment,” he said.

Cronin also included in his ten essential elements of US policy in dealing with West Philippine Sea the following: United States should regularly underscore our enduring principles; reinvest in our own long-term economic power; deepen diplomatic and practical support for ASEAN; build a maritime coalition ensuring the issue as top tier of regional diplomacy; maintain a constant presence; support an overlapping regional transparency regime; build national and multinational defensive and deterrent capacity; and seek to clarify types of behavior that would be objectionable.