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Great features of Cryptocurrency exchanges

Want to own a digital wallet, and join the digital virtual stream of “coins”, then sign up from the plenty of software promising a good return and be financially forward from the rest of the world, where the interest to invest ids at an all-time high, the new product in the block is the exchange platforms which are growing at a very fast pace and are offering the best products and trading experience in the digital currency markets which are highly searched in the internet every single minute.

Crypto exchanges are there to cater the online currency exchange trading, which is continuously trying to improve their flaws and build a strong stream of exchange circles similar to the traditional exchanges. The scope of improvisation is high and working on connecting the gaps is high on their agenda.

What are traders looking for?

  • fast withdrawal process for the traders to exit from one trade to other is the main feature which traders are looking at,

an interactive and simple exchange  like the Bitcoin Loophole  without having to go through all the process of registration and cumbersome process, which current exchanges have to deal in opting to trade in cryptocurrency

  • security has to be given a lot of importance as there is an increasing fear of the funds lying in the digital wallets which could be stolen or hacked which has the traders refraining from trading in particular exchanges
  • exchanges should have a single window view of multiple trends so that the analysis can be done by the online traders, brokers who have to toggle around different window session to study the charts and strategize
  • good interactive chat sessions where experienced brokers can offer the latest market trends and analysis for a small fee for traders who are new into the digital trading and are looking to execute profitable trades
  • the latest information about all the crypto exchanges, updating the dashboards frequently gives the trades a fair idea of what is happening around the other exchanges worldwide for them to correct their trends and analysis, and build a good probable strategy
  • with many coins doing around, in the exchanges, technical information on the type and facts about the coin currency will be helpful for the benefit of the traders to understand the impact of trading in such coins, saving valuable time to search about the numerous amount of crypto coins now available

Pinay graduates from Japan National Defense Academy: Joining PHL Air Force

The first Filipina who studied in Japan National Defense Academy (JNDA) finished her studies and graduated last March 22 in Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture attended by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and other dignitaries including Philippine Ambassador to Japan Manuel M. Lopez. A day after graduation, “Ambassador Lopez administered the oath-taking and donning of rank of Second Lieutenant Karen Eve E. Mante,” Philippine Embassy in Tokyo said.

Second Lieutenant Mante will join the Philippine Air Force. She “spent a year in the Philippine Military Academy before being sent by the Armed Forces of the Philippines to the JNDA as a full scholar. She spent five years of cadetship training in the JNDA, which since 1953 has produced officers for the Japan Self-Defense Forces,” the embassy added. “She was given an award as an outstanding cadet as well as a badge for excellence in physical training.”

If the promises are too good to be true then stay away from such software. They may be nothing but scams.

Are the trading software fully automated?

The programs have to be created and then maintained. This means that it requires a lot of work. The actual work is not creating but maintaining the program. It is not possible for anyone to think that flicking a switch can let money roll into their account. This can work at times, but when there are changes in the market conditions or if an unexpected even occurs then it will definitely require the trader to intervene and make changes to the algorithm.

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There are currently seven

There are currently seven Filipino cadets studying at the JNDA.

Also this month, Rex Eduard Custorio, the first Filipino sent to study in Republic of Korea Air Force Academy, graduated and will also join Philippine Air Force.

Binay admits giving t-shirts to typhoon victims, denies early campaigning

Vice President Jejomar Binay was accused of early campaigning when he went to Cagayan and Isabela last Monday instead of delivering his speech to answer allegations on overpriced Makati City building 2 and other corruption issues.

Binay went to the Northern part of Luzon to personally know the situation after being hit by typhoon. He also brought relief goods and t-shirts.

In a media interview, Binay said there is nothing wrong with what he did. The victims were hit by signal number 3 typhoon and the government must be there to show care, he added.

He added that he does not conform with charter change except for economic charter change. The question for political charter change arouse after President Aquino said, while in Europe, there is still time for charter change to amend presidential term provision.

The Vice President is set to deliver his address today at 2 pm. “Vice President Jejomar C. Binay will reply to the issues raised in the Senate sub-committee hearings at Meeting Room 5, 2nd floor, PICC, CCP Complex, Pasay,” his office announced.

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JAS 39 Gripen will meet Air Force’s multirole combat aircraft needs

“And after the F/A-50s, we are hoping that we will soon acquire our first modern fighter aircraft,” Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin in earlier report.

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What does the user have to do?

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It is also known that coming 12 FA-50 Philippine version will act as the country’s trainer and main fighter jets for the meantime, until PAF pilots have gained enough experience in flying supersonic jets and enough budget to acquire more capable and sophisticated aircraft.

Before the week ends, IHS Jane reported that SAAB, manufacturer of JAS 39 Gripen fighter aircraft, is positioning to meet Philippines combat aircraft requirement.

“Mikael Olsson, executive vice president, Saab Asia Pacific, told IHS Jane’s on 31 July that although the PAF has not yet formerly announced the MRCA programme, Saab is ready to meet the requirement with the Gripen aircraft and help the PAF maximise the benefits of operating the multirole fighter,” as reported by IHS Jane.

“Gripen represents the ultimate in operational efficiency capable of fulfilling a range of roles, either alone or as part of a wider defense network,” SAAB said.

Cebu being groomed to house incoming assets of Philippine Navy

“Considering the strength of the area, this will be the official place and home for all our support and current floating assets and those that will be acquired in the future,” said Vice Admiral Jesus Millan, Philippine Navy’s Flag Officer in Command.

Navy chief Millan told the new Central Naval Forces Commodore Ronald Joseph Mercado to prepare Cebu’s Naval Base Rafael Ramos as the gateway for the all ground and sea assets of Philippine Fleet.

The maritime training activity between the troops of Philippines and United States navy is an exercise undertaken to share the best practices and included rescue operation, medical response time and other important shares on rescue operations. Many activities are planned for the troops to be accustomed to any situational based rescue mission, simulation based exercise and seizure rescue operation.

Training programs like how to combat and apprehend a vessel carrying illegal items, combating them and arresting them on the waters of the Bohol. The basic mission is to work together in the rescue mission, save lives, and share basic defense mechanisms during strenuous situations. Diving subject matter experts shared their reviews and exchange information on maritime security details, some amount of cyber trading robot data related information for cyber readiness, preparedness for any natural or manmade disasters.

The importance to come together and resolve issues with such joint exercises is to enhance the familiarity to work with procedures already imparted during such trainings which are more real situation based, and replicate the more so exact situation in hand due to unrest in the territorial shores. The troops are trained on the fundamental skills which are required constantly and keep improving the capabilities under joint training programs. The drills done together were immensely helpful during the natural calamity that struck, as coming back and doing the right way is the key to such joint naval sessions.

According to Millan, having Cebu as the country’s center for ship production and repair, it is appropriate to house the Philippine Fleet in Visayas.

“We need to be more prepared after what we have experienced and we already learned our lesson,” the new NAVFORCEN commander said. Mercado also vowed to focus on humanitarian assistance and disaster response in the Visayas territory.

On the other hand, outgoing NAVFORCEN Commander Reynaldo Yoma will be the new commander of Western Mindanao Naval Forces. “With the experiences he achieved in the Visayas, I am sure he will carry out his function in the other part of the country because he is competent,” Navy chief said.

Kathryn Bernardo, Solenn placed Philippines as world’s sexiest country

Kathryn Bernardo, the reigning Teen Queen, and Solenn Heussaff have placed the Philippines into ‘Top 10 Hottest Nations in the World’ by FHM UK.

Men’s magazine FHM UK has on its list has surprisingly included Philippines among the top 10 hottest nations in the world, thanks to the young star Kathryn Bernardo. The survey conducted by miss travel has given detailed review added few twists to include famous female personalities to exhibit the beauty of their country. Philippines ranked fifth in the top 10 worlds sexists country with lush green beauty, beautiful people and food in general.

The star woman has been appreciated well for being popular in spite of not doing any skin show, exuberating confidence, and inner beauty, this wholesome image has made not only her but her country on the international globetrotting enthusiasts to have a must visit to this nation. This teen star has been instrumental in increasing the huge tourist flow to her country and raves reviews about her image in famous magazines grabbing the attention of fashion houses and well appreciated by the people of her sun kissed home country.

Along with super model Alexandra Ambrosio from Brazil, actresses and famous singer Shakira and other Hollywood actresses Kathryn is short listed who make their countries in the list of hottest nations in the world. The online survey conducted to include articles featuring instagram photos of women representing their countries in to the list of sexist nation’s grabbed attention of the jury and online poll conducted to make the young aspiring star make her country feature in the top 10 list.

The said article is entitled by FHM as,”The 10 hottest nations in the world: Who’d win the Sexy World Cup.”

“As is often the case with every World Cup campaign, the world tends to storm in like a raging bull, charged off its face on football fever but as Brazil 2014 approaches it’s dramatic finish it’s time to take a look the other side to the cup,” said in the article adding that they could help in determining what is the world’s sexiest country.

Brazil, with Alessandra Ambrosio, Isabeli Fontana, Ana Beatriz Barros, is in top one. Russia on second with Tatbaha Kotoba, Irina Shayk. Columbia with Shakira, Sofia Vergara, Sara Corrales on third. Great Britain at fourth with Abbey Clancey, Keeley Scorner, Kelly Brook. Fifth is Philippines with Solenn Heussaff, Kathryn Bernardo. Sixth to tenth are Spain, Australia, Bulgaria, South Africa and Canada.

South Korea’s Samsung Techwin sole bidder for 8 amphibious assault vehicles

South Korea’s Samsung Techwin is the sole bidder for the DND-AFP’s eigth brand new amphibious assault vehicles. The firm’s offer is approximately PhP76 million lower than allocated budget of PhP2.5 billion.

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If Samsung Techwin passes the qualification process, it will be required to completely deliver 8 brand new amphibious assault vehicles within 910 calendar days from effectivity of contract.

Amphibious Assault Vehicle

This is the second time DND held the bidding for the said vehicles, first one was a failure of bidding due to no firm joined the bidding.

Fintech – Why use this Trading robot?

When you are interested in trading and always have found it very lucrative and interesting but have refrained from doing so because of your lack of experience in the field, then this is the right time to venture. Fintech Ltd is a forex online trading robot that is designed to analyze market trends and keep interpreting signals and communicate to you when there is a trade that could result into huge prospects. It does not miss any transaction or trade and keep analyzing how the whole market works. This ensures that the robot is effective and brings profit for every person who is investing through the system.

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