Candlestick Chart- The Most Popular Chart To Trade Using Technical Analysis

The candlestick chart is the most popular chart used by technical traders. The information that a candlestick chart presents is the same as a bar chart. The difference is that the candlestick charts have its bodies filled with colors which makes it easier to spot the trend of the market and understand what the price is doing, just by giving the price chart a glance.

The elements of a candlestick chart are the same as that of a bar chart. Each interval here denotes a candle. The candle is made of body and it has a lower wick and an upper wick. The lower wick represents the low of the price in a particular interval. The high of the wick represents the high of the candle in a particular interval.

The open and close price of every candle will be denoted by the color of the candle. The green is for the intervals where the close price is higher than the open price or when the candle is bullish. The red candles denote the price where the open is higher than the closing price and the candle is bearish. Traders can choose to use different colors for bullish and bearish candles as per what they are comfortable with.

Thecandlestickchartis the most popular chart used by the technical traders. This is because it is easy to identify using the eye and one can easily glance and make out what the price is doing. The candlestick charts make trend spotting easy and also lets one spot the support and resistance levels on the chart.

One can also use the candlestick chart to find price patterns and to identify where to buy and where to sell the asset. It also makes it easy to place the profit target and the stop loss price on the candlestick charts.


Choose the chart type based on your needs

Everytechnicalanalysis chart type comes with its own pros and cons. However, the candlestick chart is the most popularly used because of the convenience that it offers. The chart type is used to trade price reversals too.

It depends on your strategy which price chart type you would want to choose for your trades. Knowing how each chart is plotted makes it easy to select the chart type that you need to use for your trading style. Once you understand the chart types it will be easy for you to identify and analyze the price points to take new positions in the futures market.

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