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Is The Multi-Level Marketing Model Legit?


Many direct sales companies are also the multilevel marketing(MLM) companies. The direct sales business gives you the potential to earn a lot of money but be careful that you choose the right company.

MLM could be a pyramid scheme

Not all of them but there could be some MLM business models that are a pyramid scheme. MLM is legal to be operated in many countries but what one needs to be careful is to not be trapped in a pyramid scheme.

The difference between a MLM and a pyramid scheme is that the MLM Company earns revenue by selling its product or services. The pyramid scheme makes money only from you. The main idea of a pyramid business model is to make you put in some money and so doesyourrecruits. The company does not generate revenue by selling any service or product.

It is important that before you get associated with a MLM company you check outfirst if it is a legitimate company. Make sure that you understand andresearch about their business model and if you think that thingsdo not fit in right then do not proceed with them further.

This is the site of some of the legal MLM businessmodels.

Agenuine MLM company lets you make money

If you work for a legit MLM company then you can make a lot of money here. If you getassociated with a legal company and you are amongtheir top performers then you get to win bonuses, rewards, and a lot of money.

However, it is also important to know that not everyone will be able to make the sameamount of money here. It isallabout your sales skill andthenetworking that you do that can take you to great heightsin the direct sales business.

Are you ready to do hard work?

Likeanybusiness, the MLM or the directsalesbusiness also needs oneto do a lot of hard work. You need to be clear on what your businessgoalsare right from the start. What do you aim to meet when you enter the direct sales business? Do you want to supplement your regular income? Do you want it to be your main income source?

You can also supplement your regular income with Forex trading. Try out this official siteto open a currency trading account.

Once you understand thisfactor you need to chalk out aplan of how you would be executing the salesandhow much time would you be investing each day to achieve your desired target.

Trading Options Using Support And Resistance

For the options trader who trades the marketusingtechnical analysis, support and resistance are important conceptsfor them. The support and the resistance levels are from where the prices have shot up or down in the past. These areimportant price points that give theentry and exit prices for your trade.

It could get abit difficult to spot thehigh probability support and resistancelevels at first. This is because these levels need to be spottedvisually. However, once you get the idea you can easily spot theselevels on the technical chart.This website guides you on how to spot these major levels.

Support level

A support level is an area where the traders arein amajority who want to bea buyer in the asset. Thisbehaviorhelps tosupportthe prices and this thus creates abullish trend. The support level is testedwhen the market has historically shown a big price move to the upsidefrom that level.  It could leavethe level with big bullish candles or have some gap up movements from that level. Thesupport level is the price at which the asset is very cheap andthisis whythe maximum buyers have placed theirbuy at this level.

Therecan be anumber of support levels on thetechnical chart and as a technicaltrader, you should be able to spot the levels that haveahigh probability of working out. The support levels that are being tested for the first time have thehighestprobability of working out. Eventually, with more number of touches,the level starts to weaken.

Anoptionstraderwill look to buy a call option at the support level.

Resistance level

The resistancelevelis from wherethe majority ofmarketparticipants have sold off the asset. This shows achange in the behavior in the market and the resistance level is from where the marketturned bearish. Theresistancelevels are the strongestwhen the price moves from thatlevelwith big bearish candles or with gaps. The price is veryexpensive at this level andthus themajorly of sellers areplaced at this level.

There could be many resistance levels on the chart and as atrader, you needto figure out the level that has the highestprobabilityofworking out. If the level has beentested many times then it has a high chance of not working out. You thus need to lookfor a levelthatis beingtested for the first time. This is a highprobabilityresistancelevelandtheoptionstraderswill buy aput option at the resistance level.

Online Trading Is The Best Way To Earn Simple And Straight

Cryptocurrency trading has become one of the most recent crashes throughout the world. It is being induced by the new generation especially to earn and make safe extra money frequently. It involves a lot of principles that make it very simple and straight. There are many crypto robots functioning exclusively for this purpose and to help us in analyzing and trading efficiently to make money.  It is completely online and offers many features.

  1. It can be used to trade at our convenience. We can trade while traveling, sitting at home and other options too.
  2. All we need to have is just a smart device and an interrupted internet supply. This will help us in trading online at any point in time. The smart device can be as small and compatible as a mobile phone. The application can work with any browser. It will work fine with any operating system too.
  3. They have very good user-friendly features that can help us in navigating through all the options that are available. It is all self-explanatory and easy to use. All the options are present on the same platform.
  4. We have both features, where you can trade on your own in the manual mode and otherwise. In the manual mode, you can choose your decisions and make the trading options coming ahead. If we are not literally sure, then we can operate the robot in the auto trading mode too. The robot will completely function and trade on our behalfby using the unique algorithm technology. This is so true and good.
  5. The robot is equipped with powerful algorithms to analyze the market and make good decisions. It is well pronounced and has a good database.
  6. They have a good and efficientcustomer care team, who work round the clockand take care of our queries and assist whenever required.


  1. Ethereum Code is one of the best products in this regard to trade Ethereum especially. It has received very good and positive remarks from users all over the world. They can achieve any amount of required targets and in all possible manners. It is an important source of making very effective money. Life is at stake and we can make the best possible when we have such opportunities provided to us all. This is highly appreciated and recommended to all.

The Worth Of A High-Risk Merchant Account

How worthy are you? Putting it in straight words, it simply means how eligible you are to avail a service or facility. A bank account has become mandatory for all the citizens, but it does not give excuses on the number of KYC documents to be submitted. Likewise, when you are starting a business, you need a merchant account to handle the backbone of financial transactions. The banks will definitely check your profile and how prospective your commercial activity is. If you are classified as a High-Risk merchant by the banking firms, the criteria to check your eligibility differs and are more stringent. It is a facility to manage money for running your business that demands tremendous management efforts and your working plan should be worthy of the effort.

Let us see the main requirements or restrictions put forth by merchant account processors to show the green flag:

  • Daily deposits: There will be an upper limit to the maximum deposit that you can permit in your account in a working day. To support your transactions, the processors, permit you to accept multiple deposits within the limit in a single day.
  • Collection of transaction receipts: How good are you at keeping legal records of transactions? The collection of bills or invoices and receipts of received payments creates a systematic method for tracking revenues and preventing frauds.
  • Daily transaction limit: Again, there will be an upper cut-off on the number of transactions, both inward and outward using your merchant account. The limit is mostly on the amount per transaction, rather than the number.
  • Rolling reserves: To reduce the risk accrued to the processor, a fixed percentage of your sales revenue is held by the processor for a specified period of time. The rate and time are specified prior to signing the contract. The account provider is sure to carry out a profile check of your business before giving the contract and here are the findings explained in the form of contract terms.
  • Type of business market: The processor gives importance to the market where you are selling your business. Offshore markets tend to put the processor on alert and check how suitable you are to handle international transactions or financial relationships with a foreign bank.
  • Chargeback ratio: The lesser the ratio of your sales being forced to return to the customer due to unsatisfactory quality or service, the better you are placed in the good books of the processor.
  • Operational history: It is important to furnish your time of operation in the market or for how long your business has been running with cash flow. There is a minimum requirement of transaction history to be submitted.
  • Marketing methods: Your selling scope is often determined by the marketing techniques to reach out to the customers. The account provider has to assess your selling power.

Automated trading tools: A boon to the traders

Trading is the most popular way to make a lot of money. A wide range of commodities like stocks, shares, gold, and cryptocurrencies can be traded in the best possible way to acquire a load of profit. It is true that many successful personalities across the world have made their fortunes in the trading platform. To minimize the trading barriers and to attract a lot of investors, a number of automated trading tools have been evolved. In the past, trading required special skill, knowledge, and expertise. Now, with the advent of modern technologies, anyone can succeed in Trade with the right tool.

In what ways the automated tools are beneficial?

  • There is no need to be extremely glued to the computer screens at the wee hours of the night. The automated tools monitor the whole thing irrespective of our presence and send signals only when required.
  • One of the greatest advantages offered by the software is that it helps to minimize the emotions in the trading process. It is quite common that the traders lose money when they give in to their emotions, which they shouldn’t have. Once the trading plans and rules are dictated, traders won’t be able to hesitate or question the trade. Thus, human emotions are kept in check.
  • The automated tools perform the process of backtesting, which means the trade rules are applied to the historical data to determine the viability of the idea. The automated software doesn’t have any room for interpretation. The trading takes place only if all the rules are successfully met. The traders can test their trading strategies on the historical data and fine-tune them if needed.
  • Some people are not courageous and skilled enough to know when to pull the trigger. The automated tools ease the whole process for the people who have struggled in their past or never mustered the guts to trade on their own.
  • The tools facilitate the traders to use a variety of strategies at one time. Traders can perform trade through multiple trading accounts and spread their risks over a number of instruments, which allows them to create a hedge around their losing position.
  • Most of the tools require only a small investment, to begin with. The recently launched crypto trading software, Bitcoin Trader is versatile, user-friendly and inexpensive, also it keeps up its promise of higher profits. We can read more about this on the Internet.


Most Appropriate Areas To Invest Your Savings

Most Appropriate Areas To Invest Your Savings

Cash that is viewed as reserve funds is regularly put into an interest saving bank account where the danger of losing it is less. Though you might have the capacity to procure bigger income back with greater chance speculations, the thought behind reserve funds is to enable the cash to develop gradually with almost no related hazard. Web-based saving money has extended the assortment and openness of investment accounts. Here is a portion of the distinctive sorts of accounts provided by an automated trading robot, hence you can take advantage of your funds.



It is generally safe obligation speculation that is issued by organizations, districts, governments, and states to finance ventures. As you buy a security, you are loaning cash to one of these elements. These are issued for an explicit period at a settled loan cost. Punishments might be surveyed for early withdrawal and might convey extra hazard.


Savings Account:

Cash in a bank account regularly can’t be pulled back through the writing of cheques and at times, not through an ATM. The rate of interest for investment accounts are typically less and web-based saving money ensures somewhat high returns bank accounts.


CD (Certificate of Deposits):

They are accessible via the majority of the banks and credit associations. They extend a greater rate of interest, particularly with bigger as well as longer stores. The issue with this is that you should keep the cash in the CD for a predetermined measure of time; or else, a punishment like losing few months amount of interest rate will be surveyed.


Currency Market Fundings:

It is a kind of shared reserve that puts in generally safe securities. Subsequently, these reserves are viewed as minimal hazard kinds of assets. These reserves normally give an income like the short period rate of interest. The rates of interest are not ensured hence a touch of examination can assist in discovering a currency advertises subsidize that has a background marked by great execution.


High return Savings Account:

These are a sort of investment account that procures a greater rate of interest compared to a standard bank account. The logic that it procures a lot of cash is that it needs a bigger introductory store, and the account has limited access. Numerous banking institutions extend this sort of record to esteemed clients who have various records with the bank.


Currency Market Deposit Account:

They are extended by banking institutions, and need a base beginning store and parity, with a predetermined amount of month to month exchanges. Punishments might be evaluated in case the necessary least equalization isn’t kept up, or if the greatest number of month to month exchanges is outperformed.



Investing In This Trading Software Will Have You Covered!

Investing In This Trading Software Will Have You Covered!


Sometimes, you get inspiration from strange places!

I was cleaning my attic the other day and I came across a personal diary that had my dead father’s name on it. I realized on opening it that it was his own journal; One in which he wrote all his fleeting thoughts. I was so excited!

So, I realized that he wrote down inspiring quotes. There were some anecdotes from his life and also incidences that shaped him into the person that he was!

This was a treasure!

After dad passed away, mum was not keeping too well and we never used to refer to him if she was around because it used to upset her and made her slip into depression for days. Here was an opportunity to know dad better from what he had written. I was absolutely so excited and it took me some time to believe that I had hit upon it.

One of the journals was particularly inspiring:

“Saints and sages, writers and philosophers have often pointed a finger at you and said: ‘you can make a difference.’ But instead of motivating into action, we ask ourselves: “me? What can I do? I am just a small fly; a small cog in the wheel! But look at the grain of sand – it is so small yet it is such grains that make up the shore! Look at the drop of water – it is so tiny, yet it is such tiny drops of water that the ocean is made. Look at the tiny seed – it is from this that the mighty Oak grows!”

I was floored practically!

It was at that time that I was thinking of beginning to trade online. I always kept thinking that $250 for starting up on trading looked so small and insignificant. I had a great platform called QProfit System on my mind but the constant dilly dallying made my decision lax.

Finally, when I had finished reading this paragraph, I knew that I had to begin somewhere and it didn’t matter if the beginning was too humble. That was the day and today, there is a world of difference.

Today, I make enough money to run my household smoothly and also manage to make good enough savings! I am so proud of daddy and his journal that I have kept it with me ever since. I read it whenever I remember him and I have begun to believe that perhaps dad had a premonition that I would need the motivation of his words someday when my world would be full of doubts about my own capability.

I always look up towards heaven and thank god for QProfit and my guardian angel – my daddy!

Why Insurance Important For A Business

Why Insurance Important For A Business

Starting up own business and making it run successfully without any interval is really a hard thing to think of. The business owners should have enough guts to face all the hazardous barriers and obstacles in the company. As we all aware of the insurance for a person, there is insurance available for a business or an organization. The traders who begin the company should get insurance for their concern to manage the serious money related problems occurring in the concern.

Do you want to know much about what is business insurance and why it is important? Let us have a brief discussion over here and get clarity about it and hope this blog truly helps the ones who want to begin their own businesses shortly.

The business insurance supports the business owners when the company is in critical conditions such as fire or something else. When the fire catches the company, the loss it causes is unimaginable and the manufacturer is the one and only person to take all the losses. The insurance company is a great pillar of support for those traders at the time of serious and critical circumstances and it helps them to recover from the unexpected great expenses.

Does the insurance company pay the whole loss amount back to the landlords?

Yes, but the insurance company first verify all the losses with their employees and then proceed furthermore and reimburse the money to the insurance holder.

The organization owner needs to be cooperative with the insurance company so that they can verify the loss and proceed with the reimbursement of the funds.

The business processor should spend some money by putting insurance for the company as it is one of the most useful and mandatory ones for the sake of both the employees and the business champions.

Don’t ever think much about the spending of money on insurance. It brings us safety and security for our future unforeseen expenses.

Would you like to prefer a well-reputed insurance agent?

Yes, it is really a good option as there are infinite scams going on in almost all the industries like Crypto Code Scam, it is our duty to verify the background details of the insurance concerns. There are many popular insurance companies still available which provides their customers a very good service and they are doing a trustworthy work to fascinate the patrons towards them.

While beginning business on own, we must keep in mind that insurance is one of the prime things to do to run a fearless organization.

Candlestick Chart- The Most Popular Chart To Trade Using Technical Analysis

The candlestick chart is the most popular chart used by technical traders. The information that a candlestick chart presents is the same as a bar chart. The difference is that the candlestick charts have its bodies filled with colors which makes it easier to spot the trend of the market and understand what the price is doing, just by giving the price chart a glance.

The elements of a candlestick chart are the same as that of a bar chart. Each interval here denotes a candle. The candle is made of body and it has a lower wick and an upper wick. The lower wick represents the low of the price in a particular interval. The high of the wick represents the high of the candle in a particular interval.

The open and close price of every candle will be denoted by the color of the candle. The green is for the intervals where the close price is higher than the open price or when the candle is bullish. The red candles denote the price where the open is higher than the closing price and the candle is bearish. Traders can choose to use different colors for bullish and bearish candles as per what they are comfortable with.

Thecandlestickchartis the most popular chart used by the technical traders. This is because it is easy to identify using the eye and one can easily glance and make out what the price is doing. The candlestick charts make trend spotting easy and also lets one spot the support and resistance levels on the chart.

One can also use the candlestick chart to find price patterns and to identify where to buy and where to sell the asset. It also makes it easy to place the profit target and the stop loss price on the candlestick charts.


Choose the chart type based on your needs

Everytechnicalanalysis chart type comes with its own pros and cons. However, the candlestick chart is the most popularly used because of the convenience that it offers. The chart type is used to trade price reversals too.

It depends on your strategy which price chart type you would want to choose for your trades. Knowing how each chart is plotted makes it easy to select the chart type that you need to use for your trading style. Once you understand the chart types it will be easy for you to identify and analyze the price points to take new positions in the futures market.

Understanding the process of managing a portfolio

 Everyone needs to save money and invest their funds so that it will grow in the future. This fund will help you in your retirement years. The portfolio is the collection of investments wherein the investors park their money. The selection and management of investments with the objective of earning returns at minimum risk are known as portfolio management.  The portfolio will tell you how the investments are doing without checking each of the investments individually. A healthy portfolio means investing the money in right places. Also, it gives the excellent opportunity to earn a profit. You need to regularly monitor the portfolio and sell off those investments which are non-performing to lower the loss.

In simple words, it is the art of making the right investment decisions, asset allocation, balancing the risk of investment and matching investment with your financial goals. A right portfolio should contain a mix of different financial instruments like bonds, shares, mutual funds, etc. You could look at trading in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, altcoin, etc which is the latest trend in the financial market. Go through here to understand the working s of this market.

The process of managing a portfolio

Make the policy statement- First, you need to draft a policy statement. This is just like a blueprint. You should understand the investment goals and decide on a goal that could be achieved.  The policy statement is not going to guarantee any success. It will act as guidance to achieve the investment goals. You should set a realistic goal after understanding the risk involved and a thorough study of the financial market.

Decide on the investment strategy- As a next step you should decide on the investment strategy, that is how you are going to plan the investments. You should study the market conditions and also look at future trends.  The portfolio has to be monitored continuously.

Execute the plan- Most important part in managing a portfolio is the execution part. You should allocate the funds across the asset classes, securities, and market. Construct a portfolio according to your risk preference in order to achieve the set goal.

Monitor the portfolio- Once you have invested the funds, you should keep monitoring them to see if it’s going on the right track.  You should modify your investment strategy based on the portfolio performance. You need to evaluate the performance of the portfolio and take corrective measure so that it would help in achieving your financial goal.