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The various Benefits from RegTech

The various Benefits from RegTech

As the emphasis on digital data is getting more attention, there seems to be a clamor of regulations followed by Cryptocurrency exchanges and online trading platforms. The importance of regulatory requirements have seemed to be occupying a major portion of the organizations highly important task list, the need to manage the cost and the efficiency has to lead many digital companies to look for optimum regtech based solutions.

The driving force of the regtech companies is their high standards to provide cost-effective solutions to firms using flexible, robust and advanced technical capabilities in the cloud and AI space that accommodates the huge share of the cost benefits, and implement risk-free solutions.

The Benefits

  • the short-term benefits of adopting regtech solutions are definitely the cost, that is a big pain area for smaller crypto-based organizations
  • the long-term benefits are revolutionary benefits in the machine learning and cognitive-based system approach that is a class apart in the financial sector
  • tackling the immediate risk-based challenges faced by the crypto companies
  • a forward and intuitive approach will be adopted by companies who fall in line with the regtech and are looking forward to the big data for optimum cost and benefit maximization
  • the market stability is increased and protection of risk data management will be better and gain a good customer response as they benefit in the long run
  • the main objective of regtech based companies check this out is to tackle and prevent the reporting of compliance and due diligence in the crypto space
  • the benefits are not only limited to financial institutions, they have spread too far more important and sensitive sectors including healthcare, airline and other verticals who value the risk management profile highly

As the digital age is maturing, there is a relatively higher emphasis on how safe, and risk-proof is the technology and data available everywhere, the sooner one adapts the innovations it is better for the organizations to technically advanced and not be far behind the digital transformation that is happening rapidly. With adequate training and adapting newer ways of interpreting, the data in a safe and secure zone is essential for any regtech-based companies. The challenge to keep the learning open as we migrate into an unchartered, domain of technology that has great opportunities ahead is the constant endeavor of regtech solution based companies using the Fintech model.






Three easy steps to generate good and consistent profit

Three easy steps to generate good and consistent profit

Do you have a day job that saps up all your energy but does not really pay you enough? Do you think that your salary does not justify your efforts and that there is always room for a little more? Have you ever considered allied works but gave up the idea because you were low on energy?

If you have answered a yes to any one of the above questions or to all of them, you must consider what I am going to discuss below.

Online trading is a big hit today:

It may have sounded naïve even one decade ago to be able to transact and transfer cash on the internet. Today, the internet plays such a crucial role in our lives that it is now no longer classified as a luxury. In fact, it has become a necessity of sorts. Getting cut off from the internet can mean that you are cut from the world outside that is advancing by leaps and bounds.

Every online trader was a skeptic once:

Before a trader was converted into a hardcore fan of trading that he is or he would be, he was a nonbeliever. It is difficult to believe that something as easy as online trading could be so profit generating that you could sit in the comfort of your own bedroom and trade and even in the dead of the night. This is because online markets never ever sleep.

A trader can begin reaping consistent profits in three easy steps:

Step 1: Sign up at reliable software:

The trader will need to do his homework and find out which is the trading software that will work for him.

Step 2: deposit the minimum balance of $250 to the trading account.

Step3: Start trading.

Online trading is a boon to people who have been looking out to supplement their own income. We have only recently passed through the biggest economic depression of this century and one thing is very sure that it has left the workers in a very weak position. They have no bargaining power and even though they statutorily can the demand for jobs is so much in excess of the supply that it is a big risk to even begin to complain.

Enjoy consistent profits without overstraining yourself:

A big body of research has proved that online trading has benefited millions of people world over and this is a good sign for the time to come!

Cryptographic Hash Functions: What is it?

A cryptographic hash work is a scientific capacity utilized as a part of cryptography. Basic hash capacities take contributions of variable length to return yields of settled length. A cryptographic hash work joins the passing of message capacities of hash capacities with the properties of security.

Hash capacities are ordinarily utilized information structures in figuring frameworks for errands, for example, checking uprightness of messages and validating data. In any case, they are considered cryptographically frail. Cryptographic hash capacities add security highlights to commonplace hash capacities, subsequently making it hard to distinguish the substance of a message or data about beneficiaries and senders.

Specifically, cryptographic hash capacities display three functions:

  • Collision-free

In general, no two information hashes should guide to a similar yield hash.

  • Hidden

In basic words, it ought to be hard to figure the information value for a hash work from its yield.

  • Puzzle-friendly

In other words, it ought to be hard to choose an info that gives a pre-characterized yield. In this manner, the info ought to be chosen from an appropriation that is as wide as could be allowed.

The three properties plotted above are alluring; however, they can’t generally be executed in general. For instance, the dissimilarity in test spaces for input hashes and yields guarantees that impact is conceivable. A case of this was exhibited as of late when the MIT Digital Currency Initiative discovered the weakness in IOTA.

Cryptographic hash capacities are broadly utilized as a part of digital forms of money to transmit transaction data namelessly. For instance, bitcoin, the first and biggest digital money, utilizes the SHA-256 cryptographic hash work in its calculation. So also, IOTA, a stage for the Internet of Things, has its cryptographic hash work known as Curl.


Capacities with these properties are utilized as hash capacities for an assortment of purposes, not just in cryptography. Useful applications incorporate message uprightness checks, advanced signatures, validation, and different data security apps.

A hash work takes a part of any length as info and produces a settled length line which goes about as a sort of “signature” for the information given. Along these lines, an individual understanding the “hash esteem” can’t know the first message, however, the individual who knows the first message can demonstrate the “hash esteem” is made from that message.

A cryptographic hash capacity ought to act however much as could be expected like an arbitrary capacity while as yet being deterministic and productively calculable. A cryptographic hash work is viewed as “lacking” from a cryptographic perspective.

Do Not Delay To File Your Tax

Most people put off tax filing to the last minute. However, there are many perks to file your taxes in advance.

Get your money sooner

Most of those who file taxes are eligible for a refund from the income tax department.  If you have any vacation planned, any credit card outstanding bills or any other expenses to be paid off, it does make sense to file your taxes early and get the refund earlier. It is not smart to keep your own money locked and pay interest on your outstanding credit card payment. Filing tax return early will put you ahead in the queue to get back your tax refunds using which you can pay off your bills.

Underpayment can get addressed better

Most of the taxpayers are eligible for a refund from the income tax department. However, if you are among the few who is an under payer and have to pay to the tax department then it could put you into a big financial trouble if you have delayed your tax filing to the last moment. If you need to pay to the department then last-minute tax filing means that you will have to arrange for this fund quickly. It could leave you in the last minute hassle. Had you filed your tax in advance you would have sufficient time to plan to pay for your tax debt.

Save yourself from tax fraud

If you file your tax early then you can be saved from falling victim to tax fraud. You save yourself from any duplicate tax filing in your name. This has happened in the past where someone has filed their tax in your name and asked for a refund in their account. If you are the first one to file tax then the other person who files will be rejected because of duplication. However, the fraud had filed before you then you will be left to deal with the issue.

Lower your stress

Your tax filing could be really complicated if it involves a lot of legal work. Once you get it done then you are at peace of mind. Waiting until the last moment to file your tax means that you would have to go through a lot of hassle to set up an appointment with your accountant to help you file the tax. This is especially the time when the accountant could be in a lot of stress and pressure already because of many tax filings that he needs to do. If you, however, approach him early when the rush is comparatively lower, he can assist you better.


Tax filing is important and it is crucial that there are not a lot of errors. After all, it is your hard earned money. Last minute work only leads to more panic and it could happen that you may end up missing out on some details because of a hurry. When you file your tax in advance you have ample time to think it over and recheck the details so that you are sure that you have filed your returns properly with no mistakes.

Understanding Inflation And Deflation

Understanding Inflation And Deflation

If you are planning to invest your money, then the first thing you need to learn is inflation. You need to understand all about inflation and why it matters to know about inflation in managing your investment portfolio.  If you want to make money from your investments, you should know about the inflation and how to tackle it so that your portfolio shows profitability.

Inflation refers to the depreciating value of the currency unit. It means that it now takes more units of currency to purchase the same quantity of services or goods as it did earlier.  Most of the people think it has increased in the cost of the things which are necessary to survive like bread, butter, cheese, oil, shelter, medical services, clothing, etc.  You should be aware of inflation if you are into trading of currencies. If you are using the software to conduct a transaction for you, then you need not worry as this trading software will take all these parameters into account. Learn more about trading here.

Deflation refers to the situation when the prices fall. You will find both deflation and inflation in different asset class at the same time.  Both are not good for the growth of the economy when they are in extremes.  The central bank of the country takes varied steps to control both the situations.

Causes of deflation and inflation

The inflation is caused by three situations. The first situation is cost-push inflation.  This situation arises when the supply of services or goods gets restricted while the demand remains the same.  For instance, when there is a shortage of wheat, the price of wheat will shoot up. The second situation is the demand-pull situation. This situation happens when the demand outstrips supply.  The third situation arises when the money supply of a nation over expands that is too much of money chasing very few services or goods. This happens when the economy adopts too-expansive monetary or fiscal policy that creates high liquidity in the system.

Drop in demand causes the deflation.  Few people to buy the products means the businesses need to lower prices and also it can lead to a bidding war. The drop in demand for various products can be caused because of the changes in technology.  Also, it can be caused by the changes in the exchange rate.

Both the inflation and deflation can be controlled only the government intervention by changing its fiscal and monetary policies.






Legit Ways To Earn Money

Legit Ways To Earn Money

With the scarcity of jobs in the market and the fear of losing job any time, one needs to find different ways to earn money through multiple sources.  However, if you can’t find time to leave your home, you will be frustrated by finding an alternative job. However, you need not worry about stepping out and finding a job as there are numerous opportunities available to earn money sitting at home.  Below mentioned are various legitimate ways one can earn money from the comfort of your house.

Ways to earn money

Sell the unwanted stuff- There would be so many things lying around in one’s house which you will never use like kid’s toys,  electronic gadgets, out-of-fashion accessories in your wardrobe, furniture, outdoor equipment, motorcycle, etc which you no longer use.  There are various websites you could find online, wherein you can sell these unwanted items. You just need to take a picture of your item and upload in the sites; these websites will help you find a buyer. You can easily earn quick money through this option.

Online trading- This is one of the most popular alternative jobs which most people opt for.  There are various options to trade online like shares, currencies, cryptocurrencies, etc. The best part about the cryptocurrency trading is that it does not require you to have any experience in the field as it has various trading software’s which help the trader to transact.  The trader needs to login to the concerned website and enters all the details. The software has the capability to make decisions and conduct trading on the behalf of a trader using complex mathematical calculations. Read more here to learn about the services offered them to earn big money quickly.

Sell your creativity- If you have a talent to create beautiful things like jewelry, handicraft, etc, you could easily make money sitting at your house.  The growing demands for homemade products are never going to stop in near future. You can take advantage of these demands and sell the products online.  You will be surprised to find how many buyers you are going to get for your products. You could even take it up as a full-time job. Apart from selling your products, you can even conduct tutorial classes wherein you can teach people how to create those items. There will be people ready to pay you to learn things from you.

Types Of Cryptocurrencies Widely Traded

Types Of Cryptocurrencies Widely Traded

There are many types of widely used cryptocurrencies.  Let us have a detailed view of the same:


Bitcoin was the first and foremost cryptocurrency used.  It was invented by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008 and released as open source in the year 2009. Bitcoins are traded without using intermediaries.


Litecoin was released in 2011.  It was created by Charlie Lee, an MIT graduate who formerly worked as a Google engineer.  It has a faster block generation rate than bitcoin and hence the transaction confirmation is faster.


Ethereum was launched in the year 2015.  It uses a cryptographic token called Ether.  Ether is sought by many digital currency developers to develop and run applications in Ethereum.  In 2016 Ethereum was divided into Ethereum and Ethereum classic.


Zcash defines itself as ‘If bitcoin is HTTP for money, https is zcash’.  It was launched in 2016.  It has extra security provisions and offers ‘shielded transactions’ to its users.


The secret version of Bitcoin is known as Dash.  It was launched in 2014.  It was developed by Evan Duffield.  It became very popular in a short span of time.


It was launched in 2012.  It offers low-cost international payments.  It does not require mining which remains its successful unique feature.  Thus it reduces computing and network usage.


Monero was launched in 2012 as an untraceable currency. It uses a special technology called ‘ Ring signatures’ for ensuring complete privacy and security of the user. Initially, it was community-driven and donation based.  But later the usage was linked to more criminal operations.

Bitcoin Cash:

In the world of cryptocurrency frequent arguments and debates between miners and developers burst.  One such debate led to the formation of Bitcoin cash.  It is a copy of bitcoin with slight changes in the code of bitcoin.


Neo was introduced in 2014.  Initially, it was known as Antshares.  Later it was rebranded as Neo by Da Hongfei. It was introduced from China and known as ‘Chinese Ethereum’.  It supports many of existing programming languages.  It has a positive relationship with the Chinese government.



One of the co-founders of Ethereum, Charles Hoskinson, launched Cardano in 2017.  It was introduced with the aim to reduce international payment processing time.


It was launched in 2017 by Dan Larimer.  Earlier Larimer founded a digital currency exchange as well as Steemit, which is a blockchain based social media platform



Here Is How My Trading Journey Began With A Bang

Here Is How My Trading Journey Began With A Bang


I belong to the generation that wonders if anything online is just worth it!

I have seen my sons and grandsons going gaga over the black boxes and so excited when a new application is introduced and I used to wonder in my heart if it deserved all the adulation at all.

In fact, I used to advocate strongly the good old ways of doing it instead of logging on to an invisible web of information and making known to the entire world all the personal details.


I thought all the entities on the internet were only there to steal all vital information from their customers and one day too soon people would realize that they walked into it too soon and that it was only a trap!

I am a cynic, but that is a different story, smiles*

It was almost time for my retirement from active service and I was beginning to get jittery about the bulk of the time that I would have to myself. I have been a people’s man all through my life and I love company. But the thought of staying isolated with nothing concrete to do frighten me so much that I was already doing my research on how to keep myself busy once there!

Trading, yes!

A grandson who was watching Netflix came over for a stay and was asking me if I knew online trading existed. When I told him I was never interested in anything online leave aside trading, he took it upon himself to initiate me!

I was a bad student but he was persistent:

My prejudices were not enough to put him off and he taught me trading with a vengeance. We decided for learning purposes to start a forex trading account on one of the Crypto-robots because that was close to my heart and a big part of my career.

Trading was indeed worth the effort!

The mind is indeed like a parachute; it works only when it is open!

I was impressed with online trading and in less than a week I was trading and profiteering like a pro.

I was excited that I had found a new way of investing my hard earned money. But more than that I was excited that there was something that would keep me occupied post-retirement.

Have you checked out online trading yet? You must.

Here Is My Account Of How I Came To Become An Online Trader

Here Is My Account Of How I Came To Become An Online Trader


Destiny keeps strange ways:

I was looking at various options to start earning right after my graduation. My student loan was waiting to be paid up and I had a few personal commitments to meet. I knew that I would have to find a steady stream of income soon or I would not be able to either support my lifestyle or begin paying back the loan.

I was working part-time in a restaurant as a waiter and I had little saving that I stashed in mutual funds. I was constantly watching my investment work for me. One day I was ecstatic that the bank had offered me cash back of ten percent on my investment. I was dancing about with the check when a roommate chipped in with her financial Gyan.

She said that the money would have doubled even in the most conservative of senses had I invested in stocks and shares.

I have dabbled in shares but I found it too hectic and working out to be able to follow and so I decided to give online trading a shot. I was under this impression that online trading would not be too different from actual trading at the exchanges!

It took a little while for the differences to seep in:

I practiced online trading on the demo account of QProfit System and soon got hooked to it. One month of practice was enough to put me on a roll. Today I invest at least thirty percent of my earning in online trading.

The more the investment the better the profits:

One thing that you must be wary about is that you must never trust software that tells you that you can earn an insane amount of profits in an illogically short period of time. This is trading, not magic! Stop believing people’s reviews and seemingly honest testimonials that will tell you that trading is a no risk preoccupation.

Trading is, in fact, fraught with risks and it is upon the trader to handle his risks:

There is a lot of legit software, it is important that the trader desirous of making a mark must in all circumstances read and re-read all that is available on the internet before placing his finger on any one software of his choice.

Remember, Rome was not built in a day. You must mull over your decision for days and weigh its pros and cons before you invest your hard earned money in it. Need we say that you need to have an unflinching trust on it next only to your own capacity to do well?

You Must Tread Softly And Be Well Read To Not Trip On To The Wrong Software

You Must Tread Softly And Be Well Read To Not Trip On To The Wrong Software


I have been scammed numerous times:

There was a time when I was very sure that binary options and trading online in all its derivatives were just not my cup of tea. There was no convincing that you could get me there again. I had lost my hard earned money to the tune of hundreds of dollars and I was thinking that I would be a fool to get back there and risk losing more money!

How wrong I was!

The problem was never with trading online per se. the problem was that I was investing my money and times in the wrong places. There are scums everywhere and the ones in this field are the ones who make the most noise to attract custom.

The genuine ones prefer to work silently while the fraudsters are the ones that make the most noise from making tall promises on big returns to almost promising new members that they would become millionaires in unrealistically little time if they opened a trading account with them.

If you are currently dealing with trading software and this is what the website is telling you at the time of funding your trading account, stop in your tracks now. There is one thing that you can do to make sure that you do not get scammed by these goons.


I must confess that when I started out, I overestimated my knowledge about online trading and transactions. I never even bothered reading on the various websites and to think that I was being smart is my greatest naivety.

However, after being bitten once, I have smartened up for good!

Whether it is trading in the online medium or actually trading at the stock exchanges, a trader cannot afford to short-change reading for his street smartness. The trader must read to keep himself abreast with the market and its dynamics. It is through reading and research that he will come to a logical conclusion. If not for anything else, it will clear a lot of cobwebs in his mind and allow him to think instinctively and practically.

My second stint at trading:

This time I was destined to be better at trading because I had read and educated myself. I knew all the signs of a scam and I could take a look at the home page and say at one glance if the program was a legit one. Don’t wait, read and decide now!