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PT PAL to launch first Philippine Navy Makassar vessel on November

Indonesian shipbuilder PT PAL (Persero) confirmed over-the-weekend that it conducted the ceremonial steel-cutting for the second Makassar-class Landing Platform Dock vessel of Philippine Navy June 6. The shipbuilder also announced that first unit of Makassar vessel is now undergoing keel laying. Structural keel is a beam around which the hull of a ship is built. […]

Japan Marine United: Delivery of Multi-Role Response Vessels starts August 2016

Japan Marine United Corporation signed the agreement with Philippine Government for the construction of 10 units of Multi-Role Response Vessel and Special Spare Parts for the Philippine Coast Guard June 4, 2015. “The project is based on the ‘Maritime Safety Capability Improvement Project for the Philippine Coast Guard’ by the Japanese ODA Loan using the […]

Bongbong: Amend ARMM law instead of current BBL

“I think there are systemic weaknesses in the ARMM system. So what do we do? We fix it. There’s no need to throw out the baby with the bath water, as they say. We look at the system, see where the failings are, the weaknesses are, and fix those,” Senator Bongbong Marcos said in a […]