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China wary on new Japan-US defense guidelines: Japan now able to defend not just US

After Japan and United States updated guidelines on defense cooperation, China said “We will keep an eye on the future security cooperation between America and Japan.” Chinese foreign ministry said Japan-US alliance should not damage peace in Asia-Pacific. “It is our strong belief that the US and Japan shoulder the responsibility of ensuring that a […]

Japan may soon land maritime patrol aircraft in Philippines

Japan may soon seek permission from Philippine government to land air assets in Filipino air bases in a bid to join United States in conducting maritime air patrols in South China Sea. Japanese maritime air patrol in South China Sea is currently being discussed within Japanese military, Reuters reports. A US military source of Reuters […]

Japan-US alliance now indispensable: Assures to defend allies

Japan and United States of America establish mechanism to defend an ally when need arises. “Today we mark the establishment of Japan’s capacity to defend not just its own territory, but also the United States and other partners as needed,” US Secretary of State John Kerry said during the unveiling of new guidelines on US-Japan […]

Japan, US: China continues to make forays into the oceans

United States of America President Barrack Obama and Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe share concern over China’s massive reclamation in West Philippine Sea. US and Japan, during PM Abe’s state visit in US, unveiled new defense cooperation guidelines. “We share a concern about China’s land reclamation and construction activities in the South China Sea, and […]

China tries to defend massive reclamation: Tells Philippines to shut up

A day after ASEAN members expressed serious concerns over China’s massive reclamation in West Philippine Sea, China accuses Philippines of doing large scale construction in Spratly Islands in the past. “For quite a long time, a few ASEAN countries such as the Philippines and Vietnam have been carrying out large-scale construction on China’s maritime features […]