United States Army is moving a squadron of armored vehicles in Eastern Europe intended to show Russia that they can move huge amount of force in long distance. Dubbed as Dragoon Ride, IAV Strykers from 2nd Cavalry Regiment (Second Dragoon) will be travelling 1,200 miles passing through Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Latvia, the Czech Republic and Germany from March 21 to April 1. IAV Stryker is an eight-wheeled, armored vehicle used for rapid deployment with survivability and tactical mobility.

The bitcoin currency too has the capacity to move forward the global markets to higher levels and has been happening in the recent past. This cryptocurrency is never to fall down.

But, is everyone utilising it? Are all aware of this booming currency and making the use of it? Well, the answer is no!! Not all are aware of it and not all are getting it utilised. The reasons are many:

  • One the generation, the older gen never believes in such booming digital currencies. They think that it’s illegal and it’s
  • Second, there are a lot of scams and fake news around it. This makes people scarier and doesn’t want to lose out money on such high-risk
  • Third, the unawareness! The US citizens, most of them aren’t even aware of such a currency been on the market. Not just US citizens, even many other global parts are facing the same. Hence the currency hasn’t reached the tipping point and we still see the boom and surge.

Here are some facts about bitcoin currency that will blow your mind away!

  • There is no single government or association has the power and authority on this currency.
  • The bitcoin community which is equivalent to 1% controls the remaining 99% population wealth.
  • The value of bitcoin has multiplied to 880000 times in just a span of 7 years!! What a whopping number!!! Unbelievable isn’t it!!
  • What are you waiting for then, go ahead and make your mark, before the coin tips off!

“The whole purpose is to assure those allies that live closest to the Bear that we are here,” U.S. Army Europe Commanding General Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges said as quoted by Army Times. “You heard our president say very clearly, we will defend our allies, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Poland.”

“President Putin exercises freedom of movement all the time. He moves troops and stuff around Russia whenever he wants to,” Hodges noted. “For the alliance, you’ve got to do that by moving from country to country.”

“This is what the U.S. Army does, we can move a lot of capability a long distance,” Lt. Gen. Hodges said.