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Alex Gonzaga’s book soon to be a movie

Alex Gonzaga’s first book titled ‘Dear Alex, Break na kami, Paano?! Love, Catherine’ will soon be released by Star Cinema as movie. The actress-host signed a contract with ABS-CBN’s movie production arm Thursday.

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Read below the benefits of using bitcoin:

Anonymous purchase:

You can keep the purchase a secret unless you intentionally want to tell the world that you have bought some bitcoin. It’s very much like the cash purchases that we make across the merchants.

No interruptions:

There can never be any interruption from any government or any other authority, to freeze or have any change in your bitcoin transaction. The currency is completely free to anyone, without any legal problems arising.

No taxes on the purchase:

Until date, there have been no taxes on the bitcoin earnings made. Since no nation has the right or authority over this digital currency, its nowhere possible for any nation to levy taxes on the bitcoin earnings.

Low charges:

Bitcoin being the first digital currency has the lowest transaction charges and exchange costs. Since there are no intermediary third parties involved the cost is never there. Unlike the traditional trading, where the overhead costs itself eats up half your earnings, and there is no value in telling the percent rise when you have the charges pulling down.

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The book which is now on its seventh printing aims to help young girls on how to properly deal with breakups.

‘Beauty in a Bottle’, ‘Relaks, It’s Just Pag-Ibig’ and ‘That Thing Called Tadhana’ writer Antoinette Jadaone will also write the said movie adaptation.

When interviewed if she will be part of the movie, Alex is not certain. However, she likes actors Luis Manzano, John Lloyd Cruz and Piolo Pascual to be included in the movie.

Meanwhile, the 27 year old actress is a V-reporter of ‘The Voice of the Philippines’ together with Robi Domingo.