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BIFF wants rematch with SAF troopers

Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters will not return the firearms they got from Special Action Force troopers after the bloody Mamasapano encounter turned ‘massacre’, not after a ‘rematch’. BIFF claimed they only got 10 firearms out of 63 accounted lost long and short firearms.

The aspiring police officers go through rigorous exercise routines to get into the SAF troop, which is not for the faint or weak hearted as the officers say, however the BIFF claim to re match the skills of the SAF is an outcry from its members. The elite force of the counter terrorism unit of the PNP, where all its members are taught both law enforcement and military operations.

Frequent attacks by the BIFF on the SAF are a way of the group to show its strength under the changing leadership, after its founder passed away. The retaliation by the specially trained members play an important role in combating even insurgency situations which has been an issue for the Philippines people, continue reading as the strength of the security measures give way with the different ways the BIFF plans it attack.

The weapons seized by the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters BIFF had insisted that they will not return the weapons of the PNP that are killed during the operation. The rebels earned the weapons of the killed SAF members after gaining in due to a botched up police operation in the past. The rebels have challenged the PNP to come and take their bullets to claim back their weapons, and they even plan to use the ammunitions against the government forces.

Like wrestling, the belt can be reclaimed only after a re match, arms and weapons of slain soldiers will not be returned back, unless there is a rematch which was quoted in Radio by Mama in Filipino. The entire operation started with an intention to catch the bomb maker and most wanted in the FBI list during the year 2015 where he was claimed to be killed.

BIFF spokesman Abu Misry Mama, speaking to DZMM radio, said it is like a boxing match, they knocked down their opponent and they will not return the firearms they got until a rematch.

Philippine National Police accounted over PhP27 million worth of firearms and special tactical equipment were lost. 52 long firearms including assault and sniper rifles, 11 9mm pistol, over a hundred grenades, 17 night vision goggles, four binoculars, 10 GPS tracker and a forward-looking infrared equipment were among the said lost PNP-SAF properties.

Along with PNP-SAF properteies, personal belongings of 44 SAF troopers were also looted.

US sells Unmanned Aerial Systems with stringent standards: PHL interested

The United States has released a fact sheet stating it designed new policy on military unmanned aerial systems (UAS) export. “The United States is committed to stringent standards for the sale, transfer, and subsequent use of US-origin military UAS,” says in fact sheet.

The mission of the Unmanned Aircraft System in the US is to develop and continuously assess the safety of the drones and it’s the integration into the national airspace. The Council will work on setting a standardized roadmap for all airspace system, to increase the adaptability of UAS and fostering a growth platform in the near future. Being a neutral facilitator the ANSI aims to collaborate and demonstrate the discussion including public and private sectors to support this integration, here and minimize the duplication of standards and resource allocation.

The Public safety and research organizations have invited participants to design such UAS, using their ingenuity, built in hardware and creativity to create prototype. The payload capacity, their design, flight time and different mission capabilities are many challenges which are to be overcome to create standard UAS for public safety. Regulators around the globe initially have had a struggle to accept the embrace this new technology, however these have been overcome as the potential benefits using the drones against issues surrounding the national security have been addressed.

While the insurance companies are responding in their own given pace, the aid given to start up is a huge financial weight, having highlighted the potential of UAS to be plentiful.

“The United States has a responsibility to ensure that sales, transfers, and subsequent use of all U.S.-origin UAS are responsible and consistent with U.S. national security and foreign policy interests,” says in the fact sheet released by US State Department.

US listed several principles for proper use of US-Origin military UAS.

It says that recipients of UAS are to use it in accordance with international law, including international humanitarian law and international human rights law. It added that UAS can only be used with force under international law, such as national self-defense.

Recipients are not to use military UAS to conduct unlawful surveillance or use unlawful force against their domestic populations. And, as appropriate, recipients shall provide UAS operators technical and doctrinal training on the use of these systems to reduce the risk of unintended injury or damage.

In a report by Reuters, Armed Force of the Philippines spokesman Colonel Restituto Padilla said Philippine military is interested in drone to be used for intelligence and surveillance operations.

3.6-Kilometer Panguil Bay bridge in Mindanao now a go

During the NEDA Board meeting yesterday Panguil Bay Bridge Project was among the six project that were approved. “Most of these projects aim to have a more reliable and efficient transport infrastructure system. These are consistent with the government’s thrust to increase investment in connective infrastructure,” Economic Planning Secretary Arsenio M. Balisacan said.

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Panguil Bay Bridge Project will be implemented by Department of Public Works and Highways. The project involves the construction of bridge across Panguil Bay connecting the City of Tangub in Misamis Occidental and the Municipality of Tubod in Lanao del Norte. The project is one of the high priority development projects in Mindanao, NEDA said.

Panguil Bay Bridge is a 3.6 kilometer two-lane bridge and will cost PhP5.09 billion to be fully financed by the government. This project will be implemented this year and expected to be completed until 2018.

Once completed, it will provide uninterrupted access from Cagayan de Oro and Iligan Cities to Tangub, Oroquieta and Ozamiz Cities and the rest of Zamboanga Peninsula.

PHL, Indonesia strengthening defense equipment trade

Philippines and Indonesia may enter into a more active defense equipment trade. Indonesian President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo said during the joint press conference with President Aquino “we had discussed the potential that we would like to offer on the trade of defense equipment.”

Department of National Defense have already entered into number of military procurement with Indonesian firms.

One of the most notable procurement is the two Makassar-class Landing Platform Dock from PT PAL Indonesia. The ceremonial first steel cutting for first vessel was held last January 22. It is expected to be delivered on the second quarter of 2016 to Philippine Navy as strategic sealift vessel. Second unit is expected on the first half of 2017.

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Another project that is in progress with an Indonesian firm is the acquisition of two light lift fixed-wing aircraft. It was reported early of 2014 that PT Dirgantara Indonesia won the bidding with its NC-212i.

Indonesian firms have been actively participating in procurement projects initiated by DND for Philippine Navy and Air Force.

Two countries have also signed a Memorandum of Understanding between the National Defense College of the Philippines and Indonesia’s Lembaga Ketahanan Nasional (LEMHANAS) on Cooperation in Education, Research and Training.

Navy upgrading all turrets of Marines armored fighting vehicles

“In line with the military’s ongoing modernization efforts, the Philippine Navy (PN) has announced that it will upgrade the turret systems of all the armored fighting vehicles at its arsenal,” the state-run news agency reports.

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Philippine Navy’s armored vehicles estimated to be 30 to 40 units are operated by the Philippine Marine Corps.

The project has a PhP34.5-million budget. All turrets will be electrically operated, especially for the traverse and elevation of guns that will enhance target acquisition, PN vice commander Rear Admiral Caesar Taccad said.

Alex Gonzaga’s book soon to be a movie

Alex Gonzaga’s first book titled ‘Dear Alex, Break na kami, Paano?! Love, Catherine’ will soon be released by Star Cinema as movie. The actress-host signed a contract with ABS-CBN’s movie production arm Thursday.

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The book which is now on its seventh printing aims to help young girls on how to properly deal with breakups.

‘Beauty in a Bottle’, ‘Relaks, It’s Just Pag-Ibig’ and ‘That Thing Called Tadhana’ writer Antoinette Jadaone will also write the said movie adaptation.

When interviewed if she will be part of the movie, Alex is not certain. However, she likes actors Luis Manzano, John Lloyd Cruz and Piolo Pascual to be included in the movie.

Meanwhile, the 27 year old actress is a V-reporter of ‘The Voice of the Philippines’ together with Robi Domingo.