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BRP Ramon Alcaraz now fitted with Bushmaster

Philippine Fleet Public Affairs Officer Lt. Liezel Vidallon confirms to state-run news agency the installation of Mark 38 25mm “Bushmaster” auto-cannon for BRP Ramon Alcaraz which transpired last November. Prior to confirmation, photos of a Del Pilar class frigate with installed Bushmaster were uploaded in a social networking site. The said auto-cannon will act as […]

Terrorist group Islamic State beheads one Japanese hostage

The terrorist group Islamic State beheads one of the two Japanese hostages, as shown in a video uploaded Saturday. In the video, Kenji Goto Jogo is holding a photo of his fellow Japanese hostage Haruna Yukawa’s dead body. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was speechless. “Fully aware of unbearable pain and sorrow that his family […]