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France sends navy flagship, joining US-led airstrike against ISIS

“Thanks to the Charles de Gaulle we will have intelligence,” French President Francois Hollande told military officers and personnel on board the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, Wednesday. “We may also conduct operations in Iraq, if necessary, with even more intensity and more efficiency.” President Hollande said that the French Navy flagship, largest warship in Western Europe, […]

PHL among top countries for US citizens to retire

Annual Global Retirement Index of International Living, names Philippines as one of the top countries where Americans can choose to retire this 2015. Philippines was placed 23rd on the said retirement index. International Living is an American publishing entity which focuses on retiring overseas, living abroad, international real estate, investment and travel. “With spiraling costs […]

Japan spending USD42-billion for military, highest in 70 years

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s cabinet approves a USD42-billion military budget, the largest defense expenditure in Japan’s 70-year history. The increase in military spending help boost territorial defense in light of China’s aggressive actions. With regards to increased military budget, China released a statement. “Japan’s policies in the military and security field have always attracted great […]

Anti-aircraft guns, S-211 jets, helicopter gunships provide air cover for Pope Francis

S-211 trainer jets will be patrolling the aerial vicinity where Pope Francis will be holding activities during his Philippine visit. Philippine Air Force spokesperson Lt. Col. Enrico Canaya confirms to Philippine News Agency that Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines radars and military observation outposts will direct patrolling jets. “S-211s have no airborne radar so […]