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Australian government donating two Landing Craft Heavy vessels to PHL Navy

The Australian Government will turnover two recently-decommissioned Landing Craft Heavy vessels as gift to Philippines. The gift will include a package of spare parts, Australian Minister for Defence Kevin Andrews announced today. “I expect the vessels will be refitted and ready for hand over in May 2015,” Andrews said.

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“The Landing Craft will greatly improve the Philippines’ ability to respond to natural disasters by enabling heavy equipment and large amounts of aid to be moved to affected areas,” the Defence Minister added.

HMAS Tarakan and Brunei will be commissioned to Philippine Navy to provide additional intra-theatre sealift capability.

According to the statement released by Australian government, Philippine government is also considering to purchase remaining three decommissioned Landing Craft Heavy, the former HMAS Wewak, Betano and Balikpapan.

China: Small countries should not make unreasonable demands

“China always maintains that all countries, regardless of the size, are equal. We are against the bullying of small countries by big countries. At the same time, we also believe that small countries should not make unreasonable demands,”

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Chinese Foreign Ministry said in response to United States Assistant Secretary of State Daniel Russel’s statement during a press conference for Fifth Philippines-United States Bilateral Strategic Dialogue which ended January 21.

“We believe bigger nations can’t bully the small,” Russel told the press yesterday in Manila. He noted that China’s aggressiveness in the region is an ongoing concern for all parties “that rely on freedom of navigation and sea-lanes and the principle of unimpeded and lawful commerce.”

Philippines initiated an arbitration under the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea to solve maritime dispute in West Philippine Sea. Decision is expected to be made approximately six months after presentation of oral arguments on July. China refused to participate.

World’s largest oil rig begins production in Russia

World’s largest oil rig begins commercial oil production in Arkutun-Dagi field approximately 25 kilometers from the north-eastern shore of the Sakhalin Island in the Sea of Okhotsk on Russian Pacific coast. The Berkut platform weighs approximately 200 thousand tons with 45 wells.

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It is expected to produce 4.5 million tons of oil a year. Operation of the said platform will increase tax revenues of the state and region where it operates with USD9 billion in the next ten years.

“The Berkut platform was designed especially for working in harsh subarctic conditions and can oppose waves up to 18 meters high, the ice floe pressure up to 2 meters thick and temperature up to -44° C,” Rosneft said in a release dated January 19, 2015.

The said oil rig is operated by Sakhalin-1 Consortium formed by United States’ ExxonMobil (30 percent), Japan’s Sodeco (30 percent), Russia’s Rosneft (20 percent) and India’s ONGC Videsh (20 percent).

Pope Francis gets medical checkup at an Adventist Medical Center in Manila – not true

A satire and humor website BarelyAdventist.Com posted an article saying Pope Francis got an impromptu medical checkup at Adventist Medical Center Manila as he is still acclimating to the heat and humidity after his arrival in the Philippines.

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The article, meant to bring humor to readers, added that the Pope said, “I always feel safer with an Adventist hospital nearby.” Vatican Apostolic Nunciature in Manila, where the Pope is staying for his Philippine visit, is approximately 3.5 kilometers away from the said medical center.

The writer further adds: The Catholic leader reserved his highest praise for the tasty vegetarian food at the Manila Sanitarium cafeteria. “This food is delicious,” he said, touching his fingers to his lips. “You may even convince an old Argentine to go vegetarian!”

However, many readers were not amused with the said satire article.

Marine Scout snipers to shoot with advance M40

The Philippine Marines will be replacing its M-14 sniper rifles with brand-new 7.62mm caliber sniper rifles in advance M-40 platform. These new sniper rifles will include sophisticated sights and scopes that will enable marksmen to observe and engage targets at longer range.

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Philippine Navy Vice-commander Rear Admiral Caesar Taccad is confident that these new rifle units will enhance the capability of the Marine Scout snipers to acquire, observe, precisely engage and neutralize enemy targets from 800 meters and higher.

Taccad confirmed that the said acquisition project is now for “amendment of letter and offer acceptance.” Final number of units to be acquired was not disclosed by the navy officer.

Shoulder-fired and mobile missile batteries for AFP

The government is on the works to acquire shoulder-fired anti-air missiles to ensure country’s preparedness to deal with air attacks.

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Acquisition of mobile missile batteries with fire control radars and tracking devices is also underway.

“These weapons will be placed in strategic locations in major islands of the country, a ranking defense official, who requested anonymity, said,” as reported by government-run news agency.

The official added that the position of missile batteries will be changed “once in a while to prevent possible adversaries from gaining a fix on their locations.”

Airbus chooses PHL as international site for aircraft training

Multi-billion dollar aircraft manufacturer Airbus SAS chose “Philippines to become an international site for Airbus training that will serve the ever-increasing Airbus fleet in the region,” Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines Director General Lt. Gen. William Hotchkiss lll.

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“The center will also be the first that will be equipped with a brand new A330/A340 Full Flight Simulator and associated suite of devices on top of two A320 simulators,” Hotchkiss said.

Having the said training center as Approved Training Organization (ATO) of Airbus, it will always be updated with latest standards.

“The setting of training center is seen as a major initiative supporting the CAAP’s current efforts to support the type rating training of the growing aviation industry,” CAAP director general added.