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Anti-Chinese ‘bombers’ are Ely Pamatong’s men

Ely Pamatong confirms connection with Anti-Chinese ‘bombers’ claiming to be member of United States Allied Freedom Fighters of the East. “He (Grandeur Guerrero) is one of the best persons and leaders I ever had for 12 years. He is my chief-of-staff.” “He (Grandeur Guerrero) was framed by the Magdalo faction of Senator Trillanes,” Pamatong said […]

China urged PH to assure safety amid arrest of anti-Chinese ‘bombers’

“We hope and believe the Philippines side will take effective measures to ensure the security of the Chinese Embassy and its staff as well as all Chinese nationals residing in the Philippines,” Chinese embassy in the Philippines said after learning that failed bomb attack at NAIA 3 was plotted against China. “According to the Vienna […]

Three impeachment complaints against PNoy found insufficient in substance

Three impeachment complaints against President Aquino were declared insufficient in substance. All three cases were grounded on DAP and EDCA. All three complaints were voted 54-4. Only leftist lawmakers voted that the cases are sufficient in substance. Right after the voting, some individuals from militant groups inside the hearing bring out their placards. House of […]

Anti-China group behind NAIA 3 failed bomb attack

Self-proclaimedUnited States Allied Freedom Fighters of the East general defending Filipinos from China Pepito Guerrero with Emmanuel San Pedro and Sonny Yohanon were the individuals involved in the failed NAIA 3 bomb attack. Justice Secretary Leila de Lima said these misguided protesters are not happy with the government’s handling of maritime dispute against China. “They […]

Philippine Navy eyes military vessel from Alaska – report

Four officials from the Philippine Navy and a U.S. Navy adviser examined M/V Susitna. M/V Susitna is catamaran-type military vessel prototype owned by Matanuska-Susitna Borough, Alaska. “We get a lot of typhoons, and we do a lot of disaster response operations, this is something that we can do for that purpose,” a navy official said […]