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What is the procedure to get HB Swiss working?

Binary option trading off late has gained a lot of popularity. The main reason for this is the ease by which substantial amounts of money can be earned. The benefits of this system are no more limited to experts from the field. Thanks to the introduction of automated trading system it now possible for people with little or no knowledge of the trading world to also earn profits.

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Why choose HB Swiss?

HB Swiss has been created after years of hard work, investment of knowledge and experience along with a big sum of money too. The makers took special efforts and make the system using an unheard combination of quantum computing mechanics along with the proficiencies from the trading and banking world. It has also used some highly advanced codes and algorithms to ensure the system functions flawlessly.

Even though all of this may seem complicated, the developers have taken special efforts to make the interface uncomplicated. The navigation has been simplified to ease first timers and new comers.

HB Swiss is also enabled to work on autopilot mode. It’s near accurate market predictions help make some huge profits that even reach a record of $5000. It averages a turnaround of about 87%.

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What is the procedure to get HB Swiss working?

The software is web based, so unlike other systems, it does not require to be installed or downloaded. HB Swiss is also available as a mobile app that can be used by users who are always on the move. It is compatible with both iOS as well as Android mobile phones.

HB Swiss believes in providing its users with high quality service, to meet this need it allows not more than 10 new members every day. Creating an account is easy and does not take more than a few minutes and relevant details. After this, users have to make a customary deposit of anything more than $250. This is to activate the account and not charged as fees.

The system performs as promised, as helps you earn rich returns. The profits are deposited directly into your account. If needed you can withdraw the sum whenever you wish. They also have a competent team of customer support to solve any kind of trading related queries.

Vhong Navarro, It’s Showtime hosts flies to Canada

Actor and It’s Showtime host Vhong Navarro together with Billy Crawford, Eruption and Coleen Garcia leaves for Canada. They will be there to stage some concerts in Toronto and Edmonton.

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Navarro is concerned about his and his family’s safety after Cedric Lee was allowed to post bail. Cedric Lee and company were accused of serious illegal detention by Vhong Navarro.

When asked what is his message to Navarro, Cedric Lee states, “It’s Showtime.”

The statement from Lee was seen by Filipinos online as a threat to Vhong Navarro.

Atty. Howard Calleja, lawyer of Lee, downplayed Cedric’s statement. “There’s nothing bad or malicious about that,” Calleja said adding that it might be his client’s way of showing his happy.

“The prosecution had failed to provide strong evidence that illegal detention is actually serious or actually for the sake of kidnapping. In such a case, the Court has the duty to grant the accused bail,” Taguig Regional Trial Court Branch 271 said allowing Cedric Lee and company to be released on bail.

Binay admits giving t-shirts to typhoon victims, denies early campaigning

Vice President Jejomar Binay was accused of early campaigning when he went to Cagayan and Isabela last Monday instead of delivering his speech to answer allegations on overpriced Makati City building 2 and other corruption issues.

Binay went to the Northern part of Luzon to personally know the situation after being hit by typhoon. He also brought relief goods and t-shirts.

In a media interview, Binay said there is nothing wrong with what he did. The victims were hit by signal number 3 typhoon and the government must be there to show care, he added.

He added that he does not conform with charter change except for economic charter change. The question for political charter change arouse after President Aquino said, while in Europe, there is still time for charter change to amend presidential term provision.

The Vice President is set to deliver his address today at 2 pm. “Vice President Jejomar C. Binay will reply to the issues raised in the Senate sub-committee hearings at Meeting Room 5, 2nd floor, PICC, CCP Complex, Pasay,” his office announced.

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Senator Marcos pushes for bilateral talks with China

“China is ready to work with Asean countries to implement the Declaration on Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea,” Chinese Vice Premier Zhang Gaol.

“We are ready to join efforts with other countries in the world to pursue and uphold peace so that we will be able to live in amity and enjoy harmonious development,” he added.

However, China’s Vice Premier emphasized that they are upholding their sovereignty and is willing to solve disputes through bilateral talks.

“China firmly upholds its territorial sovereignty and maritime rights and interests and state security,” he added.

“We have the commitment to peacefully resolving disputes with countries directly concerned through consultation and negotiation on the basis of respect of history and international law.”

Philippine Senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr. said that Philippines should participate in bilateral talks initiated by China. He added that there would be no final agreement if PH and China won’t engage in bilateral talks amid international arbitration.

“China has already made very clear that this adjudication process that’s being undertaken right now is not one that they will honor,” Marcos told ANC’s Beyond Politics.

“In the end of the day, it will have to be China and the Philippines sitting down at the table signing an agreement to put an end to all these tensions and all of these difficulties that we are having over the conflicting claims in the West Philippine Sea,” Senator Marcos added.

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Kris Aquino giving Boy Abunda a ‘hummer’ for staying alive

Kris Aquino will give Boy Abunda a special birthday present. This was revealed by Kris Aquino on The Buzz September 14 episode.

“I talked to the boys (her two sons), ‘Let’s give it to Tito Boy’,” Aquino said. Kris said that Bimbi and Josh own the Hummer.

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Boy Abunda will be turning 59 on October 29.

Abunda, after weeks of recovering from a medical condition, returned to The Buzz, September 14, as host.

In a previous interview, Abunda said he had undergone treatments to drain all the abscess in his liver. A total of 300 ml of abscess was removed from Boy Abunda’s liver.

Boy Abunda, who is known to be working hard for his mother, amid all the success now only has one prayer that he will not die first before his mother who has a mild dementia. He still wants to take care of his mother.

“My stay in the hospital humbled me,” he added.


In a press conference conducted by Chinese Foreign Ministry, a journalist asked a topic regarding the increase in military spending of three countries involve in maritime spat with China.

Loopholes do exist everywhere, but it’s up to us to either look up at the loopholes or try to avoid them and grow. We always look at the loopholes and see that we can’t grow out of it, or try to misuse the loophole. But the best solution lies in overlooking the path beyond it.

Finances are the same, there are many loopholes in all the projects we take up, but we need to overlook and try to achieve our goal. The goal of budgeting remains a huge task and has multiple loopholes in it.

A determined mind and a perfect plan can help you never fail in your personal budget plan. So how can you budget successfully? Here are few tips:

  • Keep separate accounts to track:

We often deal with a max of 2 accounts and mostly spend a lot in them. But, how about keeping a separate account for spending and saving, so that they never are compromised.

  • Track your bills and bank statements:

Keep or save all your bills for a minimum of 3 months, so that you can refer back to the expense and track. Having timely bank statements will help you to find the loopholes, your spending pattern and try to minimise or optimise as much as possible.

“There is a review saying that countries like Japan, the Philippines and Vietnam have been increasing their military spending in recent years in response to China’s growing military expenditure and expansion. Does China agree with this? Or are there any other reasons,” the journalist asked.

Spokesperson Hua Chunyin answered, “You mentioned that those countries expand their military in response to China’s military expansion. There are several loopholes in this logic.”

“China has reiterated that China is committed to a path of peaceful development and adopts a national defense policy that is defensive in its nature. Our national defense expenditure is transparent and moderate and meets our need to safeguard national security.”

“You may find that it is not China who takes provocative and aggressive actions, but those countries you mentioned,” adding that to protect their sovereignty they have implemented some countermeasures.

“We hope that relevant countries can view China’s development with a correct attitude, work together with China and contribute positive energy to maintaining and promoting peace and stability in Asia,” she added.


Philippine News Agency – An FBI agent was mauled by five men wielding shotguns last Monday night in Pasay City, police said.

Sr. Supt. Melchor Reyes, chief of Pasay police, identified the FBI agent as Lamont Siler.

Reyes said the incident happened around 7:02 p.m. at an overpass along Roxas Boulevard right after the Cultural Center of the Philippines, where Siler was inside his car, when his side mirror accidentally scratched a black Toyota Fortuner with plate number YF-8560 beside him.

Two sports utility vehicles immediately blocked him.

At least five men pulled Siler out of his car and punched him in the stomach.

Siler said the gunmen initially took his US Embassy badge and driver’s license, but they returned it after mauling him.

Reyes said they are now in the process of tracking down the vehicle of the suspects.

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In a The Buzz exclusive, ABS-CBN talk show icon Boy Abunda talks about his health. Abunda revealed it was found that there was an abscess in his liver.

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He said he undergone treatments to drain all the abscess in his liver. A total of 300 ml of abscess was removed from Boy Abunda’s liver.

After the treatment, Boy decided to have a break and recuperate for his health. He was discharged August 23.

During the said vacation, Gretchen Barreto posted in his social networking site account, “Boy Abunda with his loving long time partner Bong is simply pure joy. It is an answered prayer to see Boy back to his old healthy, energetic ways. You have been greatly missed, Boy.”

Boy Abunda, who is known to be working hard for his mother, amid all the success now only has one prayer that he will not die first before his mother who has a mild dementia. He still wants to take care of his mother.

Abunda added that he may go back on The Buzz, September 14. “Am I absolutely healthy? Maybe at about 90 percent. I am on my way to joyful, great recovery.”


Hanjin Heavy Industries Corporation Philippines (HHIC Phil.), a South Korean shipyard, will be expanding its ship building capabilities in the Philippines. Hanjin will start its expansion works next year in Davao del Sur.

“It is part of the company’s expansion process overseas,” Davao del Sur Governor Claude Bautista told Edge Davao.

HHIC Phil will put up a shipyard in a 272 hectares industrial park in Sta. Cruz, Davao del Sur. Along with the Korean shipbuilder, a Japanese shipbuilder is also eyeing to put up a yard in Malita, Davao del Sur.

“As of now, the province cannot provide the manpower requirement of each company. That’s why we are preparing as early as today,” the governor said.

Bautista added that they are working with TESDA to train skilled personnel.

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Bautista sees 40,000 job positions for welders in Davao next year. Additional jobs for human resource and administrative positions will also be available when these two shipyards start operating.

“I already talked to the president of San Miguel Power Consolidated Corporation (SPCC) and they said that construction can be started since there will [be] enough power supply,” Bautista added.