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Technical analysis is for short term and quick trading

Price is the fair value and the movement in the stick price is before the major news is out. The technical analysts do not even look at the PE ratio or the fundamental earnings of the company. See this site.

The movement in price is charted and then predicted. It could happen that the price may move in a trend but there are times when the price may move in a trend that is not identifiable. Once the trend gets identifies it is possible that one makes money by trading with the trend. This is done by selling at the high and buying at the low. All that the analysts have to do is to analyse the time period and this lets him spot the short and the long term trend of the market.
The patterns are repeated

History tends to repeat itself so what may have happened in the past in a particular stock or asset is bound to happen again. This is because the emotions of people do not change and the traders react in exactly the same way to price movements. Because the reactions of people are predictable therefore technical analysis uses this to judge the future movement of the price when the same condition repeats itself.

Technical analysis is for short term and quick trading

Technical analysis is for those who want the results very quick. The fundamental analysts look at the balance sheet and other data whereas the technical analysts only look at the short term data and trend to generate trading signals. This is suited for those traders who want to buy and sell in the market frequently instead of just holding on to securities for years and years together. The technical analysts will look at the graphs and the charts of the security to spot the direction of the stock and where it is headed to. They overlook at the fluctuations that happen individually.

Market trend

The major market trends are an uptrend which is seen when the price makes a higher high and a higher low. This then progressively gets higher and higher. A downtrend is when the price makes a lower high and lower low which then starts to get lower. The trend is horizontal when the next high and low is not a lot of change from the previous high and low. The trend line is drawn and it connects the successive highs and lows and this lets one spot the trend easily. These lines are also called as channel lines. The trend is a major trend when it lasts for a very long time that is more than a year. The intermediate trend is the one that lasts for say a month or less than a month.

PA looking to acquire new SDM rifles

Philippine News Agency – In line with its efforts to make it a force to reckon with, plans are now afoot to replace the “SDM” (squad designated marksman) rifles being used by the Philippine Army (PA).

The Army is looking for new Squad Designated Marksmen Rifle for combat platoons and squads. Equipping with new rifle is common in the military forces. The SDM rifles are equipped to shoot farther than the required range than the standard 5.56 range is requirement which is being considered.

Matt Walker the deputy for the lethality and maneuver center in Georgia has prompted officials to write for new requirements, hold competitions and enhance each combating squad with this rifle. This operational requirement is a must for every unit of the armed forces, to increase the competency level of the commanders, these rifles are being sourced and necessary training is provided for using on a full time basis. read more  for  the need for this kind of class in part rifle was due to the growing need of infantry squads deployed in Afghanistan, were they need to engage enemy fighters in longer range.

Another major goal was to arm snipers with rifles that do not stick out to the enemy as a sniper weapon. A smaller size rifle which is effective in hitting the enemy target, ruling out the sniper scope was the main reason to go in for the new requirements of SDM rifles. The documentation supporting the need for such sleek and small size rifle suiting the close and far combat for squad was a major challenge to accomplish.

The situational awareness for a combat is essential, as when the enemy is in close range the rifle can still and the red dot aim can be used, while on patrol the scanning range is wide and the combat can zoom in to give updates to leaders on the proximity of the enemy hovering around.

This was disclosed by Army spokesperson Lt. Col. Noel Detoyato in a text message to the PNA.

“(Acquisition of) a new SDM rifle is part of our future upgrades,” he said.

At the moment, troopers tasked to SDM work in the Army’s squads are armed with the M-14 automatic rifles, a reliable albeit dated weapon.

Although accurate and still usable, Detoyato said that there will come a time when the M-14s need to be replaced.

Earlier, the PA acquired 63,000 units of Remington M-4 automatic rifles, of which 27,000 will be delivered on August 2.

The weapons will replace the M-16 automatic rifle in front-line use.

Kathryn Bernardo, Solenn placed Philippines as world’s sexiest country

Kathryn Bernardo, the reigning Teen Queen, and Solenn Heussaff have placed the Philippines into ‘Top 10 Hottest Nations in the World’ by FHM UK.

Men’s magazine FHM UK has on its list has surprisingly included Philippines among the top 10 hottest nations in the world, thanks to the young star Kathryn Bernardo. The survey conducted by miss travel has given detailed review added few twists to include famous female personalities to exhibit the beauty of their country. Philippines ranked fifth in the top 10 worlds sexists country with lush green beauty, beautiful people and food in general.

The star woman has been appreciated well for being popular in spite of not doing any skin show, exuberating confidence, and inner beauty, this wholesome image has made not only her but her country on the international globetrotting enthusiasts to have a must visit to this nation. This teen star has been instrumental in increasing the huge tourist flow to her country and raves reviews about her image in famous magazines grabbing the attention of fashion houses and well appreciated by the people of her sun kissed home country.

Along with super model Alexandra Ambrosio from Brazil, actresses and famous singer Shakira and other Hollywood actresses Kathryn is short listed who make their countries in the list of hottest nations in the world. The online survey conducted to include articles featuring instagram photos of women representing their countries in to the list of sexist nation’s grabbed attention of the jury and online poll conducted to make the young aspiring star make her country feature in the top 10 list.

The said article is entitled by FHM as,”The 10 hottest nations in the world: Who’d win the Sexy World Cup.”

“As is often the case with every World Cup campaign, the world tends to storm in like a raging bull, charged off its face on football fever but as Brazil 2014 approaches it’s dramatic finish it’s time to take a look the other side to the cup,” FHM.com said in the article adding that they could help in determining what is the world’s sexiest country.

Brazil, with Alessandra Ambrosio, Isabeli Fontana, Ana Beatriz Barros, is in top one. Russia on second with Tatbaha Kotoba, Irina Shayk. Columbia with Shakira, Sofia Vergara, Sara Corrales on third. Great Britain at fourth with Abbey Clancey, Keeley Scorner, Kelly Brook. Fifth is Philippines with Solenn Heussaff, Kathryn Bernardo. Sixth to tenth are Spain, Australia, Bulgaria, South Africa and Canada.